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2-Factor Authentication

2-Factor Authentication is a method of confirming your claimed identity by utilizing something you know (password) AND a second factor.


Active Directory

The UIC Active Directory (AD) is an implementation of Microsoft Active Directory. It provides integrated authentication and authorization to systems and services across the Chicago and regional campuses.


PARIS (CPA/PUA), ANA (Employee Recognition Awards/Overpayments/Paystops), SURS/OASDI *NOTE - ANA leave balance adjustments should be directed to HR

Adobe Captivate

An eLearning content authoring tool you can create and package digital content for online learners.

AITS ADSD Work Request

Create a new work request for AITS ADSD

AITS Finance Work Request

Create a new work request for AITS TAM Finance


AITS Integration Competency Center (ICC) facilitates API solutions that expose enterprise data and enable enterprise services through loosely coupled integration. AITS ICC can help equip your application with the tools it needs to easily interact with the University's enterprise systems, using industry standard technologies and methods.

AITS ODA Work Request

Create a new work request for AITS Office of Data Automation

AITS Service Desk

IT customer support team who provide support for university administrative IT and System Office services

AITS Student Work Request

Create a new work request for AITS TAM Student

Links to student, research, business, and administrative applications used throughout the University of Illinois System

Articulate 360

Articulate 360 is an annual subscription that includes everything you need for e-learning course development. It includes access to award-winning authoring apps Storyline 360, Rise 360, and more; a library with 5 million course assets; a project review app that streamlines the review process; and live and on-demand online training with industry experts.

Audio-Visual Support for Events

Technology Solutions provides equipment rental and technician support for multimedia needs for academic courses and special events.


AVIXA is a global association for professional audiovisual and information communications that provides industry standards for audiovisual systems along with a certification path for audiovisual professionals.

Azure Cloud

Microsoft Azure is an ever-expanding set of cloud services ato help UIC innovate and meet your organizational needs. It’s the freedom to build, manage, and deploy applications on a massive, global network using your favorite tools and frameworks.


Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate is a web conferencing system that facilitates real-time online teaching and learning. Blackboard Collaborate is available to all UIC Blackboard users.

Blackboard Learn

Blackboard is UIC's learning management system for course-related activities and grade reporting.

Blackboard Learn - Change Multiple Course Sites

Merge multiple course sites into a single Blackboard course.

Blackboard Learn - Course Quota Increase

Each course site in Blackboard is restricted to a size limit of 2 GB for course materials. This quota is necessary to properly manage storage resources and ensure adequate system performance. If more storage space is needed, the quota can be increased in 1 GB increments by submitting a request here.

Blackboard Learn - Course Site Copy

Request to copy Blackboard content from one course site to another.

Blackboard Learn - Course Site Template

Request a template to help you start your Blackboard course with built-in best practices in instructional design.

Blackboard Learn - Ongoing Sites

Ongoing Blackboard work sites that are not attached to a Course Reference Number.

Blackboard Learn - Restore Archived Course Site

Request the restoration of a Blackboard course that is more than 3 years old.

Blackboard Surveys

A resource to measure student knowledge, gauge progress, and gather information from students.

Box File Storage

Box is an online file sharing and cloud content management service that works on PCs, Macs, mobile and tablet devices and provides access to files from any location for collaboration with other University users or external parties.

Box Health Data Folders

Box Health Data Folder is an online file sharing and cloud content management service that only employees, volunteers, trainees, and other persons under the direct control of the University are eligible to apply for.

Box Team Folders

The purpose of Team Folders is to allow for business continuity when a user’s affiliation with UIC expires. Typically when a user’s affiliation with UIC expires all folders and files they own become unavailable to all collaborators.



Video capture resource to create clips


Technology Solutions provides and maintains the technology in more than 185 common-use classrooms.

Closed Captioning

A multimedia production service for faculty to create accessible multimedia materials.

Computer Labs

Campus computer labs provide centrally managed computers with standard software. These labs are available to UIC students, staff, faculty, and authorized guests.

Contracted On-Site Support

Technology Solutions provides technical support on an annual contracted basis for units that have IT support needs.

COVID-19 Long-Term Equipment Loan

Laptops and cellular hotspots for temporary loan to students who do not have reliable access to a computer and/or internet at their home.


Database Systems

Technology Solutions offers two types of relational database management systems (RDBMS): Microsoft SQL and MySQL

Deceased Employee

Assistance with document requests, Agency Notice of Death, Adjustment Processing

Deceased Employee

Document requests, Agency Notice of Death, Adjustment Processing

Deceased Employee

Document requests, Agency Notice of Death, final pay, tax forms


DeptUpdate is an application that is used only for departmental information and positions.

Digital Signage

UIC's centralized platform for campus units to establish departmental digital signage.

Domain Name System

Technology Solutions provides basic DNS and basic connectivity.



A free and easy-to-use lecture capture and video streaming platform.


EDUCAUSE is a higher education technology association and the largest community of IT leaders and professionals committed to advancing higher education. UIC is a member of EDUCAUSE and any UIC member can benefit from their research, data, and analysis services.

Emergency Phones

Startel, the campus-wide public security system, is maintained and operated by Technology Solutions. The system is best identified by the 8-foot, blue-light bollards or posts located throughout the public walkways, restrooms, common areas, and elevators on the East and West campuses.

Endpoint Backups

CrashPlan is an online backup service that boasts an excellent interface, unlimited storage plans, and the ability to back up to your own internet-connected computers. CrashPlan is not offered for server backups, or personal data from privately-owned computers, but is available for backups of UIC-related data on individual UIC-owned devices.

Endpoint Management

The Endpoint Management service delivers centralized technology to aid in comprehensive management of endpoint computers. The Endpoint Management service provides tools for IT staff to help manage applications, update software, deploy operating systems, and help ensure desktop/laptop compliance within university policies.​​​​​​​

Equipment for Classroom Use

The lending of equipment for use in classrooms.

Event Logging

A software platform used to search, analyze and visualize any type of machine-generated data gathered for data processing to create reports, dashboards and alerts.


Technology Solutions provides Exchange Online for UIC’s email and calendaring service.

Exchange Shared Mailbox

A shared mailbox is a mailbox that multiple users can use to read and send email messages.

Exchange Shared Resource Calendar

Resource calendars in Microsoft Exchange allow for multiple people to book resources such as equipment, rooms, or even vehicles, to coordinate their use and avoid conflicts. They can also be used for a group of staff to coordinate and provide visibility on time off or staff locations.

External NetIDs

NetIDs for external affiliates such as guests or vendors who need access to UIC resources.


Flexible Spending Accounts, Health Saving Accounts (HSA)

Questions and Enrollment/eligibility information for Dependent and Medical Care Assistance plans (DCAP-MCAP) as well as Health Saving Accounts (HSA)

Foreign National Employees

Payments to Foreign National Employees Working In the U.S.,
Payments to Foreign National Employees Working Outside the U.S.



Gartner is a research and advisory company. As a member of Gartner, UIC staff benefits from their research, data, and analysis services. Besides technology research, Gartner provides UIC with insights, advice, and tools needed to achieve mission-critical priorities.

General Teaching and Course Design Services

General teaching, instructional design, and Blackboard tool consultations for faculty.


GitHub Enterprise is a code hosting platform for version control and collaboration on software development projects. Additionally, the service is to facilitate the version control and issue tracking aspects of software development.


This Google-powered email service is automatically provisioned for all students and is optional for faculty and staff. Gmail can be accessed via the web client or desktop and mobile native clients. Gmail is part of the G Suite for Education core tools.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a time-management and scheduling calendar service developed by Google.

Google Chat

Google Chat makes it easy for teams to be able to get their work done in one place. From direct messages to group conversations, Chat helps teams collaborate easily and efficiently.

Google Drive File Storage

Drive is Google’s online solution for storing and sharing a variety of online documents, from word processing and spreadsheets, to forms and presentations. Files in Drive can be reached from any smartphone, tablet, or computer

Google Forms

A web-based survey tool used to create surveys and quizzes and to collect and analyze responses

Google Meet

Google Meet is part of Google’s Workspace (formerly known as G Suite) core tools. Users can start a chat conversation, video call, or phone call using Wi-Fi with up to 100 people at a time.

Google Sites

Google Sites offers template-based websites and content management systems for individual faculty, staff, and student pages as well as groups like departments, campus units, student and professional organizations and research groups. Users can visit UIC’s Google Sites page to create a site today. Google Sites is part of the G Suite for Education core tools.

Google Workspace

Formerly known as G Suite, Google Workspace is a suite of tools used for communication and collaboration. It includes Gmail, Google Drive, Google Sites, Google Meet, Google Groups and Google Calendar.

GoTime Leave Management System

GoTime is an employee leave management system utilized at UIC.


Gradescope helps instructors administer and grade assessments.


The creation of graphical elements to be used in faculty's courses.

Guest Access for Classrooms and Computer Labs

Access to UIC computer labs or classroom PCs.

Guest Wireless Network

Access to UIC's guest wireless network (UIC-Guest) is a privilege and all guests are required to abide by the UIC Guest Wireless Policy. There are three methods for guests to obtain wireless network access while on the UIC Campus: self-created guest access, staff-sponsored guest access and eduroam.


High-Performance Research Computing

High-performance computing resources for research and educational use.

Hourly Service Calls

A paid service for hardware and software support for university-owned computers and peripherals.

HR Front End (HRFE)

AITS Support of the HR Front End Application (HRFE)


iClicker (Instructor)

A classroom response system that allows faculty to create pre-selected or ad-hoc questions that are asked during class.

iClicker (Student)

Students with iClicker devices, smartphones, tablets, or laptops, and the iClicker Cloud app, can answer the questions and have their responses recorded.


Premiums, opting-out, COBRA, Health, Dental, Vision, Life, LTD, ACA

Insurance Leave

For questions regarding employee leaves, and what happens to insurance coverage and premiums while on leave.

IRB Technology Security Assessment

When the risk of using a specific technology for human subject research activities is unknown, the UIC Institutional Review Board (IRB) may require that a security assessment of the technology be performed. The Technology Solutions Information Security and Privacy Office works with investigators to perform a technology security assessment that can be provided as a response to the IRB.


Cloud-based anti-plagiarism software available to faculty and graduate students.


Liaison Manager

The Liaison Manager application allows Delegate Authorities to manage their unit's liaisons. Liaisons are staff members within each department who have been designated to fulfill a specific role on behalf of their department. Individuals can have more than one liaison role for one or many departments and have access to various tools to fulfill that role.


A listserv is an email-based list of subscribers, which can be used as a discussion group, a distribution list, or a group or campus unit email address.

Long-Term Laptop Loan

Loaner laptops for students to use during their tenure at UIC to assist in their academic success.


Media Conversion

A service to provide assistance in multimedia digitizing and conversion.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a free suite of programs that includes Office applications. There are two ways to use Microsoft 365: in the cloud using Word Online, Excel Online, PowerPoint Online, OneNote Online, etc. or by installing all the same apps locally on up to five PCs or Macs, five tablets, and five mobile devices.

Microsoft BitLocker Encryption

A simplified administrative interface that you can use to manage BitLocker Drive Encryption.

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint is a holistic, cloud delivered endpoint security solution.

Microsoft IIS

Microsoft Internet Information Services is an extensible web server created by Microsoft for use with the Windows NT family. Technology Solutions will host your webpage using Microsoft IIS technologies for .NET or ASP-based web pages.

Microsoft OneDrive File Storage

OneDrive is Microsoft's online solution for storing, backing up, and sharing files, allowing easy access to files from any computer or mobile device.

Microsoft Teams

A chat-based workspace that facilitates real-time collaboration.

Mobile Devices

Pagers and mobile devices (and their data plans) are contracted through the State of Illinois.

Multimedia Consultations

Multimedia consultations and technical assistance for your classroom media projects.

Multimedia Software Access

Technology consultants will show you how to use the equipment and software installed in the lab computers.


NetID Activation (Students)

A unique identifier used to access university services and accounts.

NetID Center

Everything related to your NetID in one place.

Network File Share

Active Directory Network Storage (ADNS) is a file-sharing resource through which users can store their files on a Technology Solutions file server. This service provides users with highly redundant, highly available, fully backed-up storage of personal or departmental files. This resource is made available to users whose departments have requested disk space through ADNS.

Network Vulnerability Scanner

Qualys is a cloud-based vulnerability scanner and threat detector which comes with the ability to run IP based targeted scans or install a lightweight agent on endpoints for continuous monitoring. Qualys not only discovers threats and vulnerabilities but offers known effective ways to solve these threats.

New Hire Orientations

Information and link to enroll in new Hire Orientations Enrollment System

Non-University Personnel

Customers that do not have a Net-Id can reach UPB by submitting a ticket


One Time Payments to Foreign Nationals

Awards/prizes, expense reimbursements, honorariums, human subject payments, independent contractors, royalties, scholarship/fellowships, and other income

Online Directory

UIC's directory of faculty, staff, students and departments.

Online Training

LinkedIn Learning offers a large collection of video tutorials on leading software, technology, and soft skills. Many tutorials consist of 6-8 hours of detailed training broken down into easy-to-manage 5-15 minute segments. LinkedIn Learning provides engaging career development in many areas and up-to-date training on the latest IT topics including networking, big data, and business intelligence.

Open Educational Resources

Teaching and learning materials that are freely available online for everyone to use.

Operations Support

System Units that receive services from Operations Support can request Unit Security Contact (USC), Expense Reimbursement, Travel, Skype for Business, Budget, Event Planning, Equipment Management Services, and Reconciliation here.

Organizational Effectiveness

System Offices Shared Services provides organizational effectiveness services, including training and change management services such as communications, instructional design, Ability LMS support, and online conferences and events for all System Offices units and beyond.

Other CMS Programs

Adoption Assistance, Wellness, Weight Loss, Employee Assistance Program, and Smoking Cessation



Media-streaming and video capture solution supported by Technology Solutions.

Partial or Full Course Design

The Center for the Advancement of Teaching Excellence (CATE) can help if you are interested in doing a full or partial course design to improve or create a fully online course, hybrid (flipped) or blended course, HyFlex course, or face-to-face on-campus course.


Paychecks, paycards, direct deposit, calculations, deductions, overpayment notifications, and earning statements


Paychecks, paycards, direct deposit, calculations, deductions, overpayment notifications and earning statements


An application to update employee affiliations, titles, and phone numbers for their respective departments. is the free shared personal web hosting platform for our faculty, staff, and students at UIC.

PGP Desktop Encryption

An easy to use and secure encryption to protect sensitive data on laptops or PCs.

Physical Server Hosting

Technology Solutions West Campus Data Center provides a server hosting environment including UPS and Generator backup power. This Technology Solutions-controlled space is operated as a university HIPAA covered entity, departmental server resource, in order to provide secure and reliable services for university servers, computing, and data applications.


A software option for creating engaging eLearning content.


Qualtrics Surveys

A web-based survey platform for creating, publishing, and analyzing survey data.


Recharge Stations

Recharge Stations allow users to charge their electronic device securely while on the go.

Recording Studio (Lightboard)

The Lightboard Studio allows faculty to record themselves while writing on a tempered, mounted glass board while displaying other relevant materials.

Red Multisite

UIC's website platform for departments, centers and labs.


Digital content, eBooks and custom digital course packets.

Report a Digital Accessibility Problem

The University of Illinois Chicago is committed to ensuring that our IT resources, such as websites, web applications, teaching and learning technologies, digital content and other electronic platforms and communications can be used by all members of our community.

Report an Information Security Incident

Report any information security incident.

Research Data Transfers and Management

Globus is a platform designed to transfer and manage large amounts of data quickly and reliably across the web. Using this service, researchers can move, share, sync, and discover data via a convenient web interface.

Residence Hall Network

Res-Net is the computer network access available in UIC residence halls. The Res-Net connection provides access to the Internet.


A custom browser that locks down the testing environment for tests taken in Blackboard.



Blackboard’s plagiarism prevention tool.

Secondary NetID Password Manager

Self manage and recover password for your secondary NetID.

Secure Computing Environment

The Secure Computing Environment is a secure environment that mitigates the risks of working with electronic personal health information and other types of high-risk data. The SCE eases the burden on the researcher of having to configure and ensure that their computational work environment has been configured with the appropriate security controls and to minimize the risk of exposing high-risk data.


LPI, Refunds, SURS/OASDI, Terminal Benefit Payouts

Server Backups

Service Desk

Use the suggestions below to address some common IT-related questions. If you need further assistance, the Technology Solutions Service Desk is available to help. When contacting the Service Desk, please see the list of questions our staff may ask you, so we can provide you with our best customer service


SharePoint is a tool for collaboration that helps groups of people (e.g. work teams or social groups) share information and work together. Members of the UIC Community can view their designated UIC site collections with SharePoint.

Short-Term Lending

Short-term loans of various equipment to support the academic needs of students and faculty.

Single Sign On

Software system authentication services Bluestem and Shibboleth.


Make and receive calls using your UIC phone number, on your Windows or Mac computer.

Software for Research Computing

Request installation of software on one of UIC's research computing systems.

Software Installation

Service to install software and data files on our network servers for their students to use.

Special Accounts

Service or Admin accounts that are outside the scope of primary accounts or secondary email accounts.

Special Projects

If you are interested in doing a special learning design project, the Center for the Advancement of Teaching Excellence (CATE) has a team of instructional designers available to meet with you to talk you through the process.

SURS and Supplemental Retirement Plans

Any inquiries related to 457 and 403b plans, Terminal Benefit Payouts and SURS

SURS and Supplemental Retirement Plans

457 and 403b plan deferrals, Terminal Benefit Payouts, SURS



Tax inquiries, tax forms, tuition waiver taxation, Certificate for working out of State (CNR), Refund (OASDI/FICA)


Tax inquiries, tax forms, tuition waiver taxation, Certificate for working out of State (CNR)

Tax Status Review Appointments

Scheduling appointments for foreign national employees to process tax withholding forms, and potential tax treaty benefits

Technical Helpdesk

Technology Solutions provides hands-on technical support for student, faculty, and staff personal laptops and mobile devices, assisting with connections to UIC-WiFi, virus/malware removal and protection, and installation of campus-licensed software.

Telephone Bulk Changes

While the general Telephones service meets day-to-day needs, on occasion there is a need for a larger-scale request, to move/add/change more than one telephone. In these cases, our professional team will work with you to confirm your exact scope needs and provide the cost estimate to complete the efforts.


UIC offers two types of telephone systems: analog phones and phones using voice over IP technology.

Ticketing System

Ticketing Systems track request and incident tickets -- a way to record requests that come in via email or the Web and to track the history of responses and changes to the status of the requests to promote efficiency and avoid missed requests.

Time Entry

Webtime entry, department time entry, feeder, payroll schedules

Time Entry

Time entry and reporting

TLS Server Certificates

A required certificate to enable Transport Layer Security (TLS) operation on a server (typically a web server).

Training for Classroom Technology

Technology Solutions offers training on the use of the technology found in UIC's common-use (non-departmental) classrooms.

Travel Laptops for Researchers

To accommodate researchers' computer needs while traveling, UIC has made Windows or Mac laptops available for short-term loan.


UI New Hire NetID (Staff)

A unique identifier used to access university services and accounts.

UIC Account Portal

A self-service account portal to create and manage UIC accounts.

UIC Alert

UIC Alert is a service that allows authorized UIC officials to send email and/or text messages to mobile phones or any text message capable device in the case of a campus emergency.

UIN Creation

University Identification Numbers for authorized vendors and external affiliates.


U-Print was the standard campus-wide printing system from 1999 to 2019. U-Print is now located in only a few locations on campus and provides a centrally-managed solution for printing.


Video Production

Video recording and editing services for courses that are being converted to blended or online formats.

Virtual Computer Lab

Newly available as of Spring 2020, the Virtual Computer Lab provides UIC students, faculty, and staff with access to specialized software from their own devices.

Virtual Machines

A Virtual Machine is a guest server hosted on a VM host.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

The Virtual Private Network service allows you to securely access resources at UIC over a non-UIC Internet connection. While connected to the VPN, the client software works with the operating system to determine when you are accessing an Internet location that the client should protect. When you are accessing such a location, the VPN client encrypts the data.


A digital textbook or lab system that offers students access to their course materials on any laptop, tablet, or smartphone device with the VitalSource Bookshelf app.


The voicemail system answers telephone calls when campus members are away or unavailable.


A Blackboard tool for creating shared presentations that can include text, voice, or video comments.


Webex Meetings

Multifunctional video and audio conference web application.

Webhost is a shared hosting solution for groups and departments that wish to maintain custom sites and features support for PHP, CGI, Ruby, Python, Perl, and Node.js. It can be connected to a network share or via SFTP.

Webinars and Workshops

Free professional development opportunities on teaching with technology.


WebStore is the primary software distribution source for the University of Illinois. WebStore provides volume-license discounted software products available to students, faculty, and staff at UIC and the other two universities within the University of Illinois System. Learn more at the WebStore website.


Wepa is a cloud-based pritning system that offers integrations with Blackboard, Google Drive, and more. With over 70 stations installed across the university, printing is never far away.

Wired Network

The campus network is an enterprise-grade Ethernet network composed of fiber feeds to all campus buildings with fiber optic and copper network cables within buildings.  It provides access to all campus resources and to the Internet via three Internet service providers.

Wireless Network

The UIC community wireless network identifies itself as UIC-WiFi. Only current students, faculty, and staff can use the UIC-WiFi.



Zoom is a multi-functional video and audio conference web application that combines web-based meetings with integrated collaboration tools.