IT Support

What Is It?

NURS IT assures that the school technology maintains normal operations. NURS IT services include hardware/software troubleshooting, network, new computer orders, etc.


NURS End-User Maintenance Policy 

Maintenance of NURS end-user systems will cover its life span of 5 years. The maintenance scope will expand up to an additional 2 years post warranty based on the end-user system's condition. 

Scope of maintenance: 
  • replacing wear-and-tear parts and consumable supplies
  • repairing or replacing faulty components
  • cleaning equipment
  • monitoring the condition and functionality of networks and equipment, including testing website access and links
  • redeploying equipment
  • updating or upgrading hardware and software, including installing new versions of the operating system
  • adding or deleting users from a system, or modifying user rights and properties
  • backing up stored files
  • documenting trends and patterns in the use of applications or equipment
  • removing and disposing of equipment and applications

Who Is Eligible To Use It?

  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Students
  • External affiliates
  • Alumni
  • University approved vendors

Where Can I Get It?

Onsite: NURS Office 427 

How Do I Use It?

Knowledge Base (

How Much Does It Cost?

There is no direct cost to clients. Costs may apply for off-hours event support. 

How Can I Get Support?

Select the Request Service button on this page for service. 

Service Levels

Service Request Response Time Someone will review the ticket request within 1 hr. 
Service Request Fulfillment Time

Normal: 24 hours

Special: 72 hours

User Response Time

72 hrs for the user to respond to a ticket. 

Stalled Ticket: after 72 hours due to an unresponsive user. 

Closed Ticket: after 5 working days due to an unresponsive user. 

Service Availability Monday - Friday; 8 am - 4:30 pm
Maintenance Time Slots TBA and Holidays
Request Service


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Tue 5/16/23 3:32 PM
Fri 12/15/23 1:04 PM
Service Owner
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Service Review Date
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