What Is It?

TeamDynamix (TDX), UIC's service management platform, has a wide range of functionality to enable improved outcomes for clients and staff alike.

Staff in units currently leveraging TeamDynamix can use this service entry to request configuration updates.


TDX provides units with access to a ticketing system as well as an asset management system.

Ticketing Systems track request and incident tickets -- a way to record requests that come in via email or an online form and to track the history of responses and changes to the status of the requests to promote efficiency and avoid missed requests.

Asset Management Systems allow a unit to record and track assets, such as computers. The details tracked can be customized by the unit, and assets can be associated with individuals and with tickets.


Application-level Administration *available only to Technology Solutions staff - staff in other units should refer to their local application administrators for this scope of requests*:

  • Forms (changes and new forms)
  • Knowledge Articles (reassigning ownership)
  • Saved Report/Search Guidance
  • Response Templates (new or edits)
  • Service (Content updates)
  • Task Templates (new or edits)
  • Ticket Types (new or edits)
  • Workflows (new or edits)

System-level Administration:

  • Users/Groups (updating membership and creation of new groups, addition/removal of user permissions, etc)
  • Desktop Templates (new, update, assignment to individuals/groups, etc)
  • Integrations
  • PPM requests (Project attributes, time types, etc) *available only to Technology Solutions staff at this time - PPM functionality will be made available to other units as soon as possible, with a target timeframe of 2026*
  • Ticket Deletion

Who Is Eligible To Use It?

  • Staff in units currently using TeamDynamix
  • Staff in units interested in joining the TeamDynamix platform

Where Can I Get It?

Select the appropriate button located on this page, based on your needs. To request to join the TDX platform, select Request System-Level Support.

How Do I Use It?

Visit the TDX Help Resources knowledge category to view many helpful articles on various aspects of the TeamDynamix platform.

Service Levels

Service Request Fulfillment Time

Response typically within one business day

Fulfillment depends on scope of request, ranging from 2-10 business days

Incident Resolution Time

Response typically within one business day

Resolution typically within two business days

Service Availability Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm
Maintenance Window(s) Weekly, Friday 11:00pm through Saturday 3:00am
Service Notification Channel(s) N/A
Access TDNext Request Application-Level Support Request System-Level Support Report System Incident


Service ID: 519
Thu 2/18/21 11:23 PM
Wed 3/13/24 3:57 PM
Service Owner
This person is accountable for the overall performance of this service. This is not a support contact.
Service Review Date
Date of the most recent review of this service.

Service Offerings (4)

TDX Application Administration
Request support for ticket forms, reports, response templates, workflows, and more.
TDX System Administration
Request support for user access, group management, PPM topics, integrations, and more.
TDX System Incident
Report a problem using the TeamDynamix system.