Student Affairs HR

Student Affairs HR Services

Welcome to the Student Affairs HR Service Catalog.  Please take a moment to review the services to the right and select the type of request you are needing help with.  Here is a list of the service offerings:

*Only for Student Affairs HR (SAHR) request and concerns

General Employment Requests

  • Position Approval Request
  • Request Overcompensation
  • Request Gotime Revision
  • Request Resignation or Retirement
  • Request Extra-Help Termination
  • Request for Initiating Discipline

Student Employment Requests

  • Request Student Undergraduate New Hire
  • Request Student Pay Adjustment
  • Request Student Employee Termination
  • Request Bulk Student Employee Termination


If you don't see a service offering option that fits your needs feel free to use the "Other HR Services" request. 


If you are completing a Position Approval please see the service page first to see additional resources you may want to review before you request the position: Position Approval Resource Page