Campus Network

What Is It?

The UIC campus network provides a robust and secure connection to the Internet and university resources.

Other Service Names

UIC Network, UIC-WiFi, Wired Network, Wireless Network, Residence Hall Network (Res-Net)


The campus network can be accessed via a wired or wireless connection.

Where Can I Get It?

To learn about connecting to the UIC wireless network, select the Connect to UIC-WiFi button.

To learn about connecting devices to the Residence Hall Network, select the Register Devices on Res-Net button.

To learn about the eduroam network, select the Learn about eduroam button.

If you are currently UIC staff and have guests coming to UIC, select the Sponsor Guest Wireless Access button.

If you are an IT Pro wanting to request a configuration change for the UIC network, select the Request Network Configuration Change button.

How Do I Use It?

Find more information about the different elements of the campus network on these pages:

How Can I Find Out More?

Technology Solutions welcomes any questions you have about this service. Please reach out to us.

Connect to UIC-WiFi Register Devices on Res-Net Learn about eduroam Sponsor Guest Wireless Access Request Network Configuration Change


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Service Offerings (5)

The UIC community wireless network identifies itself as UIC-WiFi. Only current students, faculty, and staff can use UIC-WiFi.
Residence Hall Network
Res-Net is the computer network access available in UIC residence halls. The Res-Net connection provides access to the Internet.
eduroam is an organization that joins educational institutions and allows them to broadcast the same Wi-Fi network, but allows for your local institution's username and password to access that network.
Guest Wireless Network
Access to UIC's guest wireless network (UIC-Guest) is a privilege and all guests are required to abide by the UIC Guest Wireless Policy. There are three methods for guests to obtain wireless network access while on the UIC Campus: self-created guest access, staff-sponsored guest access and eduroam.
Wired Network
The campus network is an enterprise-grade Ethernet network composed of fiber feeds to all campus buildings with fiber optic and copper network cables within buildings. It provides access to all campus resources and to the Internet via three Internet service providers.