Email and Calendaring

What Is It?

The Email and Calendaring service provides university constituents a mechanism to send/receive emails and create calendar and meeting events.

Other Service Names

Office 365, Exchange, Exchange Online, Outlook, Email, Calendars, Google Mail, Gmail, Google Calendar


  • Anti-spam and anti-malware protection: built-in anti-spam and anti-malware protection (uses multiple anti-malware engines to scan inbound, outbound, and internal messages for malware), customized anti-spam and anti-malware policies, quarantine.
  • High availability and business continuity: mailbox replication, single item recovery, deleted mailbox and deleted item recovery.
  • Capacity alerts, Clutter, MailTips, Inbox rules, Offline address book, Address book policies, Distribution Groups, External contacts (global), Universal contact card, Contact linking with social networks, Resource mailboxes, Conference room management, Out-of-office replies, Calendar sharing.
  • Sharing and collaboration: federated calendar sharing with UIH, UIUC, UIS (including calendar publishing)
  • Client support for mobile devices    
  • Exchange Online Archiving 
  • Message Encryption
  • Data loss prevention


UIC email is available to current students, faculty, and staff. For more information, review Can I keep my UIC email address after I leave UIC?

Students who graduate in/after Spring 2020 are eligible for Email Forwarding for Life. For more information, review How do I opt into UIC Alumni Email Forwarding for Life?

Where Can I Get It?

A university email account is automatically provided during activation of your university NetID.

To request an Exchange Shared Mailbox, select the Request Shared Mailbox button on this page.

To request an Exchange Shared Resource Calendar, select the Request Shared Resource Calendar button on this page.

To create a new Listserv email distribution list, select the Create New Listserv button on this page.

How Do I Use It?

Review How can I check my UIC email?

For Listserv, review How do I create a listserv?

How Can I Find Out More?

Technology Solutions welcomes any questions you have about this service. Please reach out to us.

Access Exchange Request Shared Mailbox Request Shared Resource Calendar Access Gmail Access Google Calendar Create New Listserv


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Sat 6/25/22 7:14 PM
Wed 12/6/23 9:54 AM
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Service Review Date
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Service Offerings (6)

Microsoft Exchange
Exchange is UIC’s primary email and calendaring solution.
Exchange Shared Mailbox
A shared mailbox is a mailbox that multiple users can use to read and send email messages.
Exchange Shared Resource Calendar
Resource calendars in Microsoft Exchange allow for multiple people to book resources such as equipment, rooms, or even vehicles, to coordinate their use and avoid conflicts. They can also be used for a group of staff to coordinate and provide visibility on time off or staff locations.
Google Gmail
This Google-powered email service was automatically provisioned for all students who joined UIC prior to July 13, 2022. UIC announced a transition from Gmail to Microsoft Exchange, and new students, faculty, and staff are not eligible for UIC Gmail.
Google Calendar
Google Calendar is a time-management and scheduling calendar service developed by Google.
A listserv is an email-based list of subscribers, which can be used as a discussion group, a distribution list, or a group or campus unit email address.