Account Management

What Is It?

The account management service allows an individual to request the creation of additional accounts they may have access to. Additionally, department representatives may request administrative accounts necessary to operate services that should not be tied directly to an individual's credentials.

Who Is Eligible To Use It?

  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Students

Where Can I Get It?

Select the type of request needed from the buttons located on this page.

How Do I Use It?

View details on the Account Creation (Departmental/Administrative) or Account Creation (Individual) pages.

How Much Does It Cost?

This service is funded by the University; there are no direct costs to clients.

How Can I Get Support?

If you are experiencing a problem with this service, please report it. If you just have a question, feel free to ask us.

Service Levels

Service Request Fulfillment Time Varies by type of request. See the respective request page for details.
Incident Resolution Time 2 business days
Service Availability 24/7
Maintenance Window(s) None
Service Notification Channel(s) IT Service Notices
Request Departmental / Administrative Account Create Individual Accounts


Service ID: 695
Fri 6/24/22 2:27 PM
Mon 6/27/22 11:43 AM
Service Owner
This person is accountable for the overall performance of this service. This is not a support contact.
Service Review Date
Date of the most recent review of this service.

Service Offerings (2)

Account Creation (Departmental/Administrative)
Service or Admin accounts that are outside the scope of primary accounts or secondary email accounts.
Account Creation (Individual)
A self-service portal allows for the creation of certain account types that are necessary to access some services that are not automatically provisioned.