What Is It?

DeptUpdate is an application available to departmental designated Phonebook Contacts, which is used only for departmental information and positions, as seen in the unit listings. Updates in DeptUpdate appear immediately in the unit listings.


  • Add new Positions.
  • Assign an individual to a position.
  • Modify/add contact information for your unit, including phone, addresses, fax, and URLs.
  • Modify information for existing positions.
  • Delete an existing Position.
  • Reorder/shuffle Positions


Must be a designated Phonebook Contact for your unit.

Who Is Eligible To Use It?

  • Phonebook Contacts

Where Can I Get It?

To access DeptUpdate, select the Access DeptUpdate button located on this page.

How Do I Use It?

Learn more about how to use DeptUpdate

How Much Does It Cost?

This service is funded by the University; there are no direct costs to clients.

How Can I Get Support?

If you are experiencing a problem with this service, please report it. If you just have a question, feel free to ask us.

Service Levels

Service Request Fulfillment Time Requests are fulfilled in real time
Incident Resolution Time 1 business day except for NetID creation failure - 3 business days
Service Availability Application Available 24/7
Maintenance Window(s) Approved ACCC maintenance window(s)
Service Notification Channel(s)
Database maintenance of directory data and affiliations occurs daily with no downtime