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The account management service allows an individual to request the creation of additional university accounts associated to their person or their department.

Activity Reporting System (ARS) is a secure, online system designed to collect information on the activities of faculty and academic staff at UIC.

PARIS (CPA/PUA), ANA (Employee Recognition Awards/Overpayments/Paystops), SURS/OASDI *NOTE - ANA leave balance adjustments should be directed to HR

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AITS Integration Competency Center (ICC) facilitates API solutions that expose enterprise data and enable enterprise services through loosely coupled integration. AITS ICC can help equip your application with the tools it needs to easily interact with the University's enterprise systems, using industry standard technologies and methods.

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The authentication service provides users the ability to authenticate against password-protected systems using a UIC NetID and UIC password.

Medical Education database for College of Medicine. (click on link for service request)

Blackboard is UIC's learning management system for course-related activities and grade reporting.