Enterprise Services

What Is It?

AHS-IT Can provide support for Enterprise IT services provided by UIC.


  • IAM Support
    • NetID Support
    • Password Change or Recovery
    • Duo 2 Factor Authentication Support
    • Limited Epic Migration Support
    • UIC VPN Support (Cisco AnyConnect)
  • Services Support
    • E-Mail Listserv Requests
    • Microsoft OneDrive
    • Google Drive
    • Box Accounts
    • Adobe Federated IDs
    • CrashPlan Backup Configuration or Recovery

Who Is Eligible To Use It?

AHS students, faculty, and staff

Where Can I Get It?

Choose the appropriate request button on this page

How Do I Use It?

The following knowledge base articles may be helpful:

Accessing the UIC VPN

UIC NetID Center

How Can I Get Support?

If you are experiencing a problem with this service, please contact the AHS IT Helpdesk

Request Services Support Request IAM Support

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To open a Box account visit the https://box-signup.uillinois.edu/ University of Illinois Box Signup
This document provides instructions on the use of UIC’s Virtual Private Network solution.
This document provides instructions on the use of UIC’s Virtual Private Network solution.
Below are the instructions for logging into the AnyConnect VPN client.
If you find that your university password is working for some systems but not others, it may be useful to try a password sync. This means that you will change your password to the same thing that it is currently set to so that your current password is sent to all systems.
This article details how to troubleshoot problems with CrashPlan.
2-factor authentication (2FA) is an extra layer of security protection for your sensitive, personal university data.
Your Network ID (NetID) is a network login assigned to you that is unique across all University of Illinois campuses. It serves as your login to many University computing and networking services.
If you change your password when off campus you'll need to connect to the VPN then lock your account(Windows key+L) and log back in before you can log into your machine using your new password.
Explains why/when using a VPN could be a good idea


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Service Offerings (2)

E-Mail and Services Support
Request Support Regarding UIC e-mail and Other UIC Online Services
Identity and Access Management Support
Request Support Regarding User Accounts and Passwords