Digital Accessibility Report Request (Deque Account)

What Is It?

A digital accessibility monitoring and evaluation system ensures that digital contents are accessible to everyone. It aids in compliance with legal standards, improves user experience for various audiences, enhances search engine optimization, minimizes risks, and supports the continuous improvement of accessibility guidelines.

Technology Solutions utilizes the Accessibility Evaluation System by Deque, Axe Monitor providing comprehensive reports in line with WCAG 2.2 accessibility standards. To access these detailed automated testing evaluations, complete the Digital Accessibility Report Request form.

This form also facilitates requests for accounts in Deque University, an online learning platform for digital accessibility, and the Deque Axe Dev Tool for developers.

Other Service Names

[Deque Account Request - Axe Monitor, Deque University, and Axe ​​Devtool.]


  1. Axe Monitor Report is a cloud-based service that monitors websites for accessibility issues, providing regular reports and trend analysis. Axe Monitor allows organizations to track their progress over time, ensuring that accessibility remains a priority and that websites comply with accessibility standards.
  2. Deque University offers comprehensive training and resources on digital accessibility. It aims to equip developers, designers, testers, and other professionals with the knowledge and skills to create accessible websites, applications, and digital content. 
  3. Axe DevTools is an accessibility testing tool designed to assist developers in identifying and fixing accessibility issues directly within their web development environment.


[Requirement information, if applicable]

Who Is Eligible To Use It?

UIC unit and UIC members

Where Can I Get It?

Select the [Digital Accessibility Report Request ] button on this page to obtain the report or access the Deque system.

How Do I Use It?

Once the request form is submitted, the UIC Deque Administrator will share the accessibility report, and grant your access to Deque University or the Deque Axe Developer Tool, depending on your request type. If you have requested an account for Deque University, you can access Deque University using your University net ID and password.

How Much Does It Cost?

Free for UIC members

How Can I Get Support?

If you are experiencing a problem with this service, please

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Incident Resolution Time 5-7 days
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Service Notification Channel(s) Email to registered users
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