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Adding a Total Column in the grade center

A total column can be added by going to the grade center, clicking Create Calculated Column, and selecting Total Column.

Are there costs for the Technology Solutions Extended Laptop Loan program?

The Technology Solutions Extended Laptop Loan program is funded by the student Library/IT Assessment. There is no additional cost for this service to Technology SolutionsELL recipients.

Automatic Closed Captioning for Echo 360 video

Automatic speech recognition can be enabled in Echo 360 videos. This transcript can later be edited to provide a compliant transcript and closed captioning.

Blackboard is not reflecting my updated schedule of classes

It takes 24 hours for student courses to reflect in Blackboard.

Can guests participate in Blackboard discussion boards?

NO, guests will not be able to view or participate in the discussion boards.

Can I backup my course content to my local computer?

To create an Archive or an Export file:

Can I copy the content to my course site from a course that I am not listed as an instructor?

To copy content from a course site you must be listed as instructor of both courses.

Can I merge two courses and have all students be on one course site?

Yes, it is possible to merge courses, but the request needs to be submitted via an online form.

Can I paste text from MS Word onto Blackboard?

You can add text using the content editor

Can I put equipment on reservation?

Checking out equipment is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Can I receive assistance with my media conversions?

The Academic Multimedia Lab of the Learning Technology Solutions (LTS) team provides in-depth assistance in multimedia digitizing and conversion, to digitizing video clips, transferring VHS video tapes to DVDs, or creating streaming video clips well-suited for web distribution.

Can I transfer my content from SoftChalk to Adobe Captivate?

No you cannot. There is no easy way to transfer lessons from one format to the other. Content has to be re-created (copy/paste and adding images etc... ) like building the content again.

Can I use a Respondus with a Chromebook?

A “beta” release of a new Chromebook extension for LockDown Browser is currently available for exams delivered in Blackboard Learn (Original view). This version of the LockDown Browser Chromebook extension also supports Respondus Monitor. During the beta period, instructors will need to allow the use of LockDown Browser for Chromebook on a per exam basis.

Can I use a tablet device for whiteboarding instead of the in classroom board?

A mobile tablet will allow you to share a whiteboard with both in person students and remote students together in an on campus classroom. You can write more precisely on the whiteboard if you have an Apple pencil or stylus for Android.

Can I use Collaborate to take attendance within Blackboard?

Faculty can use Blackboard Collaborate to take attendance. Blackboard Learn instructors can host a Collaborate session without tracking attendance manually.

Can I use Google Classroom?

Google Classroom is the LMS part of the Google Workspace; however, it is not used as the LMS at UIC. An instructor can request access, but there are no integrations with Banner so the course will need to be created and enrollments managed by the instructor.

Can I use SoftChalk to create eLearning content for my course?

SoftChalk is software used to create interactive digital learning content.

Can I view classroom schedules and when classrooms are being used?

Classroom schedules and when classrooms are being used is not available to Technology Solutions staff.

Can I view Panopto videos on my mobile device?

use Panopto's mobile application

Can students hand-write or draw answers in Gradescope?

This article outlines the two types of Gradescope assignments that work best for handwritten answers.

Can students run their own Collaborate sessions?

Yes, You can allow students to run a session without the presence of an instructor by selecting the option "All users join as moderators" under "Roles and Access" when creating the room. This is a common practice for example when creating a study room or group chat as you have described that does not need an assigned facilitator.

Can students see tools in the control panel area in Blackboard?

A faculty member needs to add a course menu item to the course in order for students to see the content.

Can students use multiple monitors with Respondus Lockdown Browser?

Students will experience problems when using Respondus Lockdown Browser with multiple monitors.

Create Grading Periods

Grading periods can be created by going to the grade center, clicking Manage, and then clicking Grading Periods.

Creating Grading Schemas

Grading schemas can be made by going to the grade center, clicking Manage, and then clicking Grading Schemas

Date management: How can I update content dates from a previous semester?

The data management tool allows instructors to update content dates from a previous semester. To access the data management tool:

Do I need a different link in Blackboard Learn for each exam or assignment I want to grade in Gradescope?

No, instructors do not need a different link in Blackboard for each exam or assignment to be graded in Gradescope.

Do videos auto-publish to Echo360 in Blackboard?

Echo360 video are not published in Blackboard by default.

Do you provide media conversion services to students?

We only provide faculty and staff support. Media conversion is strictly for academic use.

Does Blackboard send announcements out without the course being available to students?

Announcements are not visible to students as long as the course is not open to them (a course, even when not open, is visible in student course list).

Does Gradescope have a Student Preview?

This article refers to a student view mode in Gradescope.

Does Panopto support screen readers?

Please see the following article regarding accessibility:

Does Zoom integrate with Panopto?

The Zoom integration with Panopto allows for Zoom recordings to be uploaded seamlessly into Panopto.

Firefox crashed on my computer. What should I do?

A crash is what happens when Firefox closes or quits unexpectedly.

How are students enrolled in my Blackboard course site?

Students are enrolled into a CRN course site automatically.

How can a student take an exam on an iPad that requires Respondus Lockdown Browser?

Taking an exam with Respondus Lockdown Browser on an iPad can only be accomplished if the instructor changes settings detailed here.

How can an instructor access their course as a student?

Using Student Preview mode allows you to view course site as a student's view, take tests, submit assignments and view your grades.

How can an instructor create an assignment in Blackboard that allows students to submit a video for grading?

The Technology Solutions sponsored tool called Panopto, allows instructors to create an assignment that allows students the ability to upload a video to Blackboard.

How can an instructor reserve equipment for in-class use?

Reservations for faculty require 2 business days notice.

How can I access Acadly?

Acadly is a classroom interactivity tool with features for in-class student response, math-TeX support, and no limits on the number of responses. The Acadly mobile app can be used to take automatic attendance in on-campus and hybrid courses.

How can I access Adobe Creative Cloud as a student?

While the on-campus computer labs are unavailable, UIC students who need to use Adobe Creative Cloud applications for their studies are able to request one-year access to an Adobe Creative Cloud Enterprise ID.

How can I access iThenticate?

iThenticate is a cloud-based anti-plagiarism software available to faculty and graduate students to check papers, theses, grant proposals, books, etc. Undergraduate students should use SafeAssign (part of Blackboard) to check undergraduate papers.

How can I access UIC Library resources when not on campus?

Some resources managed by the UIC Library require the use of the Virtual Private Network (VPN) when you are not physically on-campus.

How can I add a multimedia Mashup to Blackboard

adds social or multimedia elements from external sources. to display a drop-down list and select from the following

How can I add Closed Captions to my VoiceThread?

This article explains how to add Closed Captions to a VoiceThread.

How can I allow guests to access my Blackboard course?

An instructor may wish to allow users without a UIC NetID to view portions of their Blackboard course. There are two ways to do this:

How can I award badges to my students?

The achievements tool allows instructors to award badges to students.

How can I caption a video that is intended for a Blackboard course?

You can add captions to a video in different ways. Some systems, like Panopto, and Echo360, provide ASR (automatic speech recognition).

How can I change my course name?

The course name can be changed by going into Customization and then Properties.

How can I change the point of entry for my course?

Changing the Entry Point of your Blackboard course is easy. Follow the instructions below or watch the video below to see how to change your course Entry Point.

How can I check all my course links in a course to make sure they are still valid?

After you create content and link to files stored in Course Files, you can verify that links are still valid with the link checker tool. For example, if you delete a linked file from Course Files and run the tool, you are informed of a broken link.

How can I clear a student attempt in Blackboard's Grade Center?

Attempts can be cleared by going into View Grade Details for the cell containing the student's grade.

How can I convert files to alternative formats?

The File Transformer is an extension of Blackboard Ally, a solution that helps improve the accessibility of course content and uses machine learning algorithms to generate alternative formats of digital content. You can simply upload a digital file and select a desired file format, including mobile-friendly HTML, audio MP3, ePub, electronic Braille, and Beeline Reader.

How can I copy activities from one Acadly Course to another?

If you are looking to use Acadly to teach a course for which you have already used Acadly in a previous semester, this article will help you understand how you can re-use all the content and activities in a matter of a few clicks.

How can I copy files to and from my local desktop to my Virtual Computer Lab machine?

To work on your files in the Virtual Computer Lab environment you can copy them from your local machine by using OneDrive or, if using a Windows computer, directly from your local drive by taking the following steps:

How can I copy or move individual materials in Blackboard?

An instructor can move materials in Blackboard Learn from one course to another. Any Content Item, including Course Links, External Links, Folders, Learning Units, Off line Content and Tools can be copied from one folder or Course to another folder or Course. Copying content does not delete the content from the original location unless Delete Item After Copy is selected. Content that is deleted after a copy is moved to the new location and does not exist in the original location any longer.

How can I create a smart view in Blackboard's Grade Center?

Smart Views can be made by going into the Grade Center, hovering the mouse over Manage, and then clicking Smart Views.

How can I create an assignment link using SafeAssign?

Any faculty user can create an assignment link using SafeAssign.

How can I delete all of the old content that was copied from a previous course site?

To delete some or all of the old content from the previous course site, please follow the steps below.

How can I edit my Blackboard notification options?

Blackboard notifications can be set in the Dashboard.

How can I edit the Closed Captions in VoiceThread?

This article will give you an option for editing captions as well as changing the Closed Caption font size appearance in VoiceThread.

How can I edit the sample banner in the course template or add a new banner to my Blackboard course?

To add a banner to the exemplary course template, you will first require a 480 by 80 pixels image that you would like to use as your course banner. You can create this image using applications like MS Paint or Adobe Illustrator. You can also choose to edit the sample Banner provided in the Exemplary course template.

How can I ensure that my Echo360 presentation is recorded correctly?

Review this checklist to make sure your Echo360 class session is recorded correctly.

How can I export Blackboard grades into Banner?

The Export Grade tool allows instructors to export grades to Banner. This tool can be found under Course Tools in the left navigation bar.

How can I give a student marked as 'unavailable' access to my course?

How can I give a student marked as 'unavailable' access to my course?

How can I import a course template to my new course site?

LTS has designed Blackboard course templates to help you organize your class based on recommended best practices for online learning and communication.

How can I learn more about Blackboard?

The article explains the options available for learning more about Blackboard.

How can I list all the users enrolled in my Blackboard class?

Explains how an instructor can see a list of all his/her students

How can I live stream using Echo360?

Echo360 is a system that allows instructors to easily stream and record lectures taught in specific UIC classrooms and make them available to their students through Blackboard.

How can I locate Class Climate Course Evaluation Tool in Blackboard?

This article demonstrates how instructors and students can access Class Climate course evaluation surveys in Blackboard

How can I make a Blackboard's Grade center row visible again if it was hidden previously?

An instructor can hide and unhide Grade Center raws to make it easier to navigate.

How can I make individual blogs on Blackboard private?

Blogs do not have the option to be made private. If the students need to have private blogs, the best tool to use would be 'Journals.' Journals are a personal space for students to communicate privately with the instructor.

How can I manage my courses on the new Blackboard

From the list where your name appears, your course list is available wherever you are in the system. You can return to previous courses to review content, reuse material, and prepare your future courses.

How can I manage my students' grades in Blackboard?

Blackboard can be used by any UIC instructor to enter and manage students' grades. There are different ways grades can be entered in Blackboard's Grade Center.

How can I prevent plagiarism in my course?

Blackboard has a tool called SafeAssign that allows instructors to check student submissions for plagiarism.

How can I preview a tool integrated in Blackboard as student?

Blackboard integrates many learning tools, like Panopto, Zoom, Gradescope, iClikers, and many more. Most of the time LTI tools go by email address. Since when using Blackboard "student preview" the account created and the instructor have the same email address, it looks like the same person.

How can I publish a SoftChalk lesson?

A SoftChalk create lesson can no longer be published to Blackboard using the Score Center. It must be published from SoftChalk as a SCORM package.

How can I record student attendance in my course site?

Attendance can be tracked manually or using a Student Response System.

How can I reference photos of my students in Blackboard?

The UIC Blackboard Learn service offers instructors and teaching assistants in course sites the images of students that appear on their University iCard so that they can easily associate student names and faces in their courses. All students are not required to have ID pictures, and some students have opted to have their images remain private.

How can I reserve the Lightboard Studio?

Instructors and TAs can make a reservation to use the Lightboard Studio located on the second floor of the Daley Library. We require a 48-hour notice for reservations and practice session requests.

How can I save my Zoom recordings to Echo360?

Recordings from Zoom meetings using Record to the Cloud will be automatically uploaded to Echo360 after adjusting account settings.

How can I schedule a lecture capture?

Send a lecture capture request using the form linked here.

How can I see activity of students in my Blackboard course?

Instructors can monitor student activity by going to Evaluation and then Performance Dashboard.

How can I see all the students enrolled in my Blackboard class?

Instructors can see all of the enrolled students by going to Users and Groups and then clicking Users.

How can I see what students are underperforming in my course?

There are several ways to look at student activity on Blackboard to check how students are doing; however, please note that if you use tools that are not part of Blackboard for any part of your courses (e.g. Piazza, GSuite, etc.), that activity will not be reflected in the reports listed here.

How can I send an Echo video to non-UIC faculty for closed-captioning services?

Because Echo normally requires a UIC login, you would complete the following steps to send a video to the DRC faculty without NetIDs:

How can I share audio in a Blackboard Collaborate session when using a Mac?

Audio from a podcast or in conjunction with a video clip can be shared with participants successfully using this information.

How can I share audio in a Blackboard Collaborate session when using a Windows PC?

Audio from a podcast or in conjunction with a video clip can be shared with participants successfully using this information.

How can I start building a Social Presence in my course(s) to promote student engagement?

The following are ideas to improve and promote Asynchronous student engagement.

How can I survey students enrolled in my course?

Faculty can use the survey tool within Blackboard to easily target students enrolled in their course.

How can I take attendance for Zoom sessions?

This article details how to take attendance for Zoom sessions.

How can I track student views of a content item?

This can be accomplished by using Statistics Tracking. The Statistics Tracking feature is for specific content, like one content item or folder and it needs to be turned on in advance to run a report on that one item.<div><strong>NOTE: This feature is only available in Original View.</strong></div><div><p style="margin: 0.7em 0px; padding: 0px; font-variant-numeric: inherit; font-variant-east-asian: inherit; font-stretch: inherit; line-height: inherit; vertical-align: baseline; overflow-wrap: br

How can I use a Journal with my students?

Journals can be created by using the journals tool.

How can I use Blackboard Collaborate in classrooms for synchronous teaching?

Blackboard Collaborate can be used in classrooms along with a webcam and/or document camera (if applicable). If a classroom has a synchronous supported document camera, you can use it as you normally would and both the meeting participants and students present in class will be able to see the doc cam. You can also share files such as PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, PDFs, and contents on a browser, as well as sharing your entire screen.

How can I use Collaborate Ultra in my Ultra view course?

Note: The course must be open to students to be able to use Collaborate Ultra

How can I use Rubrics in my course?

Rubrics can be created by going to Course Tools and then Rubrics.

How can I use Zoom in classrooms for synchronous teaching?

Zoom can be used in classrooms along with a webcam and/or document camera (if applicable). If a classroom has a synchronous supported document camera, you can use it as you normally would and both the Zoom meeting participants and students present in class will be able to see the doc cam. You can also share files such as PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, PDFs, and contents on a browser, as well as sharing your entire screen.

How can I view all assignment attempts in Blackboard's Grade Center?

Assignment attempts can be seen by clicking the chevron in the cell and clicking Attempts.

How can I view Closed Captions in Voicethread?

Instructions on how to enable the Closed Caption function in VoiceThread.

How can I view survey results in Blackboard's Grade Center?

The results for the survey can be viewed by going into the column statistics for the survey grade column.

How can instructors prevent cheating in online tests?

The Learning Technology Solutions team recommends designing assessments and tests that promote learning while keeping in mind that cheating is sometimes unavoidable.

How can instructors view Groups as a student?

Instructors can view groups as a student by adding the "student preview user" from the instructor's account.This is a good way to see EXACTLY what the student sees in their group(s).

How can my students create a portfolio?

Instructors can allow students to have a portfolio by changing submission settings in assignments.

How can my students view feedback for each individual question?

Students can view feedback by clicking My Grades and the title of the assignment.

How can students access captured lectures in Blackboard?

In order for students to access the Echo360 content for a course, you must add a Tool link to the Echo360 external tool, then connect your Echo360 section to that link. The Echo360 tool must be added through the Assessments menu on the Content page to enable student participation statistics to be sent to the Grade Center.

How can students use Panopto to upload video that can be shared with other students?

Instructors can create a folder using Panopto in Blackboard that allows students to upload videos.

How can you download an Echo360 video if it is enabled?

Follow the steps below to download Echo360 captures that are set to be downloadable:

How can Zoom meetings be scheduled in a Blackboard Course?

Zoom at UIC has been integrated with the Blackboard Learn system for the ease of instructors and students.

How Do I Access Another Instructor's Blackboard Course Contents?

To access another instructor’s Blackboard course contents, please contact that course’s instructor and request to be manually enrolled as an instructor in that Blackboard course. To enroll you as an instructor, the other instructor will need to:

How do I access video statistics in Panopto?

Please see the following video tutorial:

How do I add closed captions to video in Panopto?

Please follow the steps outlined in this video tutorial:

How do I add files to my Blackboard site?

Files can be uploaded from cloud storage or on your computer.

How do I add my presentation to a class in order for students to view it online?

There are several ways to have a presentation for students to view online. Depending on the nature of the presentation, you can use different technologies.

How do I add my profile picture in Blackboard?

You can change your profile picture on the Personalize My Settings page

How do I add the Echo360 LTI tool link to course content?

Provides steps for adding Echo360 tool to Blackboard course sites.

How Do I Adjust the Audio Levels for the AV System?

To adjust the source audio (lectern PC, external input, Blu-ray) for an Integrated Multimedia Lectern (Enhanced) system use the following steps:

How do I adjust the notifications I receive from Blackboard?

Notification settings can be changed on the Activity Stream page.

How do I adopt open textbooks?

In order to provide open textbooks to your students as alternatives to the textbooks they need to purchase, complete the following steps:

How do I assign TAs to Gradescope as graders?

Instructions on how to label TAs as graders in Gradescope.

How do I change course duration in Blackboard?

Course duration can be set by going to Customization and then Properties.

How do I check my grades in Blackboard?

The Blackboard Learning Management System provides a place for students to check their grades on assessments.

How do I connect my Echo360 section to a Blackboard content link?

This article explains how to connect Echo360 ALP sections to Blackboard content links.

How do I connect to the Virtual Computer Lab using a browser?

Use these instructions to connect to UIC's Virtual Computer Lab using your web browser:

How do I connect to the Virtual Computer Lab using a mobile device?

Install the IOS/Android remote desktop client and connect to a Virtual Desktop

How do I connect to the Virtual Computer Lab using the desktop application?

These instructions apply to Windows and MacOS and will show you how to connect to UIC's Virtual Computer Lab service:

How do I contact support for Google Forms for my UIC G Suite account?

Please contact Technology Solutions for support with Google Forms:

How do I control lighting in this room?

The classrooms below have lighting controls built into the touch control panel.

How Do I Control the Blu-ray or DVD Player?

There is no physical remote control for the Blu-ray or DVD player installed with the AV systems. The control is built into the touch screen for all of our systems. Use the steps below to operate the player.

How do I copy a course from one term to another?

You can copy courses from one term to another however, you must be an instructor in the destination course as well.

How do I create a Blackboard account for an external (non-UIC) user?

Anyone affiliated with the University of Illinois Chicago and having an activated UIC NetID will automatically have a blackboard account.

How do I create a glossary of terms?

Instructors can create a glossary of terms, with the term and definition, using the glossary tool.

How do I create a link to Echo360 in the left navigation?

Shows how to add Echo360 to the left side navigation bar in Blackboard original course view.

How do I create a VoiceThread graded assignment?

This article summarizes how to create a graded assignment in VoiceThread.

How do I create a VoiceThread?

Below are the steps to create a VoiceThread.

How do I create an assignment in Gradescope?

Online Assignments allow instructors to create a variety of questions on Gradescope that students can answer directly within the interface by typing, selecting, or uploading their responses.

How do I customize the release of my Blackboard content

Explains how someone can alter the release schedule of content

How Do I Display Two Different Sources at the Same Time?

Some classrooms with dual projectors are able to display two different sources at the same time. Those rooms include:

How do I download all the submitted papers for an assignment?

Access the link below for instructions on how to download the assignments.

How do I download discussion board posts in PDF format?

Discussions can be saved as a PDF using print preview.

How do I download Panopto Video's and save for later?

Instructors are able to download their recorded Panopto session video's to their hard drive by following the process in this article.

How do I edit a transcript when using the Echo360 Transcript Editor?

The Echo360 Transcript Editor allows editing, in order to make corrections, to the automatically generated text provided by Amazon ASR service.

How do I edit a video in Panopto?

Please follow the steps outlined in this article

How do I enable students with Chromebooks to use the beta release of Respondus Lockdown Browser?

A “beta” release of a new Chromebook extension for LockDown Browser is currently available for exams delivered in Blackboard Learn (Original view).
This version of the LockDown Browser Chromebook extension also supports Respondus Monitor.
During the beta period, instructors will need to allow the use of LockDown Browser for Chromebook on a per exam basis.

How do I enroll another instructor or my teaching assistant in my Blackboard course site?

Instructors can enroll other users by going to Users and Groups, clicking Users, and then Find Users to Enroll.

How do I ensure my Lecture Capture is recording audio?

The following tip can be used to confirm lecture capture is detecting an audio signal.

How do I ensure my Lecture Capture is recording in the classroom?

If you'd like to confirm your lecture capture is recording, you can use the steps below to confirm that.

How do I get an external tool integrated in Blackboard?

To request an external tool to be integrated via LTI in Blackboard, please submit a request as described in this article.

How do I get help with Adobe Captivate?

Provides options on how best to learn how to use Adobe Captivate.

How do I get help with Blackboard?

You can get help from LTS or Blackboard support

How do I get my lecture recorded?

Contact the appropriate unit to arrange lecture capture:

How do I get teaching with technology training for my department/unit?

This article summarizes how to request focused department training.

How do I have students write a blog post?

Instructors can use the create blogs using the Blog tool.

How do I initialize and deploy the Echo360 POD?

This article provides a quick guide of how to initialize and deploy the Echo360 POD

How do I insert and caption embedded clips into Panopto?

This article summarizes how to add and caption embedded clips in Panopto.

How do I install Echo360 Universal Capture?

Echo360 Universal Capture application can be installed to a PC to use as personal capture software to record your screen and an additional video source.

How do I install Panopto?

These are resources to consult before installing Panopto

How do I join a Collaborate session in Blackboard Original?

You can join a Collaborate session by using the Collaborate Launcher

How do I join a Collaborate session in Ultra?

You can search for a session or access Collaborate from your course

How do I know which adapter to use for my laptop?

Guide on different types of display outputs and adapters

How do I let a student access an Ultra View site after the semester has ended?

In Ultra view, you have several options with student access after a semester has ended.

How do I link additional Echo360 course sections to a Blackboard course site?

The process for creating additional links to Echo360 sections is the same as for a single section.

How do I login to Gradescope with UIC credentials?

UIC has an institutional license to Gradescope that allows all instructors and TAs to log in to Gradescope using your UIC credentials.
Gradescope is integrated with Blackboard. An account will be created for you automatically the first time you use Gradescope.

How do I make my Blackboard course available to students?

By default, Blackboard courses are visible only to the instructor until instructors choose to make the course available to students.

How do I make my course available to people outside of UIC?

You can permit guests by going to Customization under Course Management, then hitting 'Guest and Observer Access.' This should take you to a page where you can permit guests.

How do I manage my course list?

The Courses tab on the left allows users to access all of their courses. The courses page also allows users to customize and manage how they see the courses. The page allows a few options:

How do I poll my students in the classroom using Echo360?

Echo360 allows instructors to add interactive slides into their presentation, of which there are five activities to choose from: Multiple choice, Short answer, Image quiz, Ordered list, and Numerical.

How do I print a class roster without photos?

Gives instructions on downloding the gradebook to answer the question :How do I print a class roster without photos?

How do I print discussion board content from Blackboard?

Discussion boards can be printed by going to the messages, placing checkmarks in the boxes next to the message, and clicking Print Preview.

How do I print the Blackboard Class Photo Roster?

Use the Full Screen mode with landscape and 85% scaling print settings

How do I put my students into online groups?

Instructors can organize students into groups for better interaction.

How Do I Raise and Lower the Height of the Lectern?

This article provides instructions on how to raise and lower the height of the lectern.

How do I record myself and/or a presentation in Panopto?

Provides instructions on accessing and using Panopto.

How do I record myself on video in Panopto?

Please follow the directions noted in this video tutorial:

How do I Remove a Student from my Blackboard Course?

PLEASE NOTE: Be careful when removing students from Blackboard course sites as all information associated with the student (including grades and assignment submissions) will be deleted. Before removing students, make sure you do not need to refer back to these student

How do I remove a student from the Blackboard course enrollment list?

Students can be removed from the Users and Groups page.

How do I remove old courses from my Blackboard homepage?

If you are a student, courses from past terms will be removed automatically about two weeks after grades are due. Some instructors may keep courses available to you beyond the end of the term. Please, contact your instructor if you'd like to stop seeing a particular course on your Blackboard homepage.

How do I renew a checkout?

You must physically return to the checkout location with the equipment in hand for inspection and present a valid UIC iCard to renew the checkout.

How do I request a Blackboard Learn course copy?

Instructors can copy courses from previous semesters or request a copy from a previous course to be made by LTS Support team.

How do I request a Course Template Import?

Instructors can request a course template by filling out a Technology Solutions form. NOTE: This information applies to the Original Course View only.

How do I request a UIC department branded course welcome page?

As UIC moves instruction further into online means, colleges have requested consistency in addition to department-level branding to help students navigate courses easily, access college resources quickly, and help students feel part of a community.

How do I request software to be installed in a classroom, computer lab, or the Virtual Computer Lab?

Many instructors have found it useful to have software and data files installed on our network servers for their students to use. The Academic Computing and Communications Center will work with faculty and departments to make such arrangements.

How do I request to restore an archived Blackboard course?

Instructors can fill out a restoration request form to have an old course restored.

How do I require Respondus Monitor for student testing?

Respondus Monitor® builds upon the power of LockDown Browser, using a student’s webcam and industry-leading video analytics to prevent cheating during non-proctored exams.</p>

How do I reserve a computer lab?

Technology Solutions partners with the Office of Classroom Scheduling (OCS) to improve the computer lab reservation process.

How do I search video transcript in Panopto?

Once a video has been closed captioned, Panopto allows users to search for specific words within video titles and the captions as well.

How do I send an email using Blackboard Ultra?

Ultra view allows users to send messages to everyone in the course.

How do I send email using Blackboard?

You can send email through Blackboard using the "Send Email" tool in Original Course View; or using the "Messages" tool in Ultra Course View.

How do I set up Gradescope in Blackboard Learn LMS?

These are the steps to set up Gradescope in Blackboard Learn.

How do I solve the 'Roster File Not Found' error in iClicker?

Ignore the error for a moment, click on Gradebook and then click the Sync button.

How do I submit a Regrade Request in Gradescope?

This article outlines the process of Regrade Request in Gradescope.

How do I submit an assignment after the deadline in Gradescope?

This article explains options instructors have to deal with late completed work.

How do I submit an assignment for a course on Gradescope?

Here is a quick guide on how to submit completed work for Gradescope.

How do I submit an assignment to Blackboard?

Students can submit their finished assignment work through the link provided by the instructor.

How do I take a test in Blackboard Original?

You can take a test in Blackboard Original

How do I take a test with Ultra View?

You can take a test in Blackboard Ultra

How do I test the student experience using Respondus as an instructor?

If you're interested in using Respondus to test the student experience, Technology Solutions has created a test course that will enroll you as a student.

How do I troubleshoot a Blackboard Collaborate disconnection?

Anyone could be disconnected from Blackboard Collaborate if WIFI network stops or a number of computer conditions arise.

How do I turn my PowerPoint presentation into a video then share on Blackboard using Panopto?

Your narrated PowerPoint presentation can be exported and turned into an MP4 video, which can then be uploaded to Blackboard.

How do I turn off the AV system?

How to properly turn off the AV system.

How do I turn on "Prevent Cross Site Tracking" to correct Echo360 log in problems with Safari?

Under some circumstances, users have issues when trying to log into Echo360 ALP using the Safari browser on a Mac.

How do I un-enroll an erroneous or inactive instructor from my Blackboard course site?

Instructors cannot remove other instructors from a course site.

How do I upload a PowerPoint to Blackboard?

Explains how someone can upload PowerPoints in Blackboard

How do I upload a zipped 'Test Bank' into my blackboard course site?

A test bank can be uploaded by going to Tests, Surveys, and Pools and then clicking Import Tests.

How do I upload grades from the iClicker app (on my laptop) to Blackboard?

When you click "Sync Scores", i>clicker will communicate with your LMS to upload i>clicker polling data into your LMS gradebook.

How do I upload multiple video files to Panopto?

The directions noted in this article give you options on how to upload multiple video files to Panopto.

How do I upload video to Blackboard?

The Panopto Building Block for Blackboard provides faculty and staff an easy method for embedding Panopto recordings directly into their courses. Recordings will continue to stream from Panopto without using any storage space on Blackboard. Course permissions will be honored, and recordings can be added anywhere the Mashup Tool is made available.

How do I use Discussion Board in Blackboard Ultra?

You can use discussion boards in Blackboard to share thoughts and ideas about class materials

How do I use Discussion Boards in Blackboard Original?

You can use discussion boards in Blackboard to share thoughts and ideas about class materials

How do I use Echo360 Universal Capture?

Echo360 Universal Capture allows instructors to easily record lectures remotely on their own laptop, and make them available to their students through Blackboard. The system will capture all audio and video sources including the presenter and anything on the laptop screen.

How do I use the AV system?

For Integrated Multimedia Lectern (Enhanced)

How do I use the Blackboard Inline Grading Tool Bb Annotate?

Blackboard Learn offers Bb Annotate for Inline Grading in both the Original Course and Ultra Course Views. Bb Annotate offers a more robust feature set to provide customizable feedback to students. Features include a sidebar summary view, freehand drawing tools, various color selections, and much more.

How do I use the Class Activity Dashboard?

This article details various use case scenarios for using the Class Activity Dashboard pilot.

How do I use the Document Camera available in the classroom?

There are two types of document cameras available in classrooms. Please check which is available in your room and you'll find corresponding instructions below.

How do I use the Elmo USB document camera with my computer to write equations?

The Elmo OX-1 document camera is easy to use, not expensive, and it produces a good quality video for teaching. The OX-1 offers 8x digital zoom via software and comes with a built-in microphone. You can use it with any computer and any web-conferencing tool for online dissemination of the content in real-time. Below are the steps on how to use and connect the OX-1 external document camera with your computer.

How do I use the lectern PC?

How to use the Lectern PC source.

How do I use the UIC Blackboard template?

As UIC adopts hybrid learning and teaching in online environments, colleges have requested consistency and college branding in Blackboard courses to help students navigate courses easily, access college resources quickly, and help students feel part of a community. The UIC Blackboard template comes with a Welcome Page. This page can be generic for UIC or specific to a particular department or college.

How do I view Blackboard Learn in another language?

You can view Blackboard Learn in different languages by changing the language pack.

How do students register their iClicker in Blackboard?

Students can register their iClicker by clicking the Register Your i>Clicker Remote ID link in the left navigation bar.

How do students see Zoom recordings in Blackboard?

This article summarizes how to set up the Zoom integration so that students can access your course recordings.

How do you add content to the Content Area instead of the content system?

Details how to add content to the Content Area instead of the content system.

How do you add tools link to the content area in Blackboard?

How do you add tools link to the content area in Blackboard?

How do you allow students to access past courses?

There are 2 ways to allow students to access past courses:

How do you bulk delete unwanted items in a Blackboard course?

This document details steps to answer How do you bulk delete unwanted items in a Blackboard course?

How do you delete tests from a course site ?

How do you delete tests from a course site ?

How do you deploy a test?

Tests can be deployed by going into the content area, clicking Assessments, selecting Tests, and then choosing which test to deploy.

How do you digitize a VHS for in-class use?

The LTS Academic Multimedia Lab provides assistance in digitizing and conversion. VHS videotapes can be transferred to DVD or converted into streaming video clips for digital distribution. Media conversion is not a drop-off service. The LTS technology consultants will show you how to use the equipment and the software to digitize or transcode your media. (Richard J. Daley Library, IDEA Commons 1-030)

How do you give moderator privileges to someone in Blackboard Collaborate?

You can give moderator privileges to any participant in Blackboard Collaborate.

How do you make a link on the content menu available to students?

Gives instruction to make a link on the content menu available to students.

How do you set an extra credit option in tests ?

When on the Test Question Settings page, there is an option to assign questions as extra credit.

How do you sync Blackboard Learn roster with Gradescope?

This article shows how to sync Blackboard roster with Gradescope.

How do you upload/download your online gradebook to Blackboard Learn?

The gradebook can be downloaded and used offline.

How does Gradescope benefit students, instructors, and TAs?

Below is an outline for benefits to students when using Gradescope.

How does the PAP Long-Term Laptop Loan program work?

The Technology Solutions Extended Laptop Loan program is made possible through the student Library/IT Assessment and partnership with the UIC Honors College.

How does the Portfolios tool in Blackboard work?

Portfolios tell a carefully crafted story about what your students can do.

How does the student preview option work ?

The student preview option allows instructors to see the site as a student.

How early can I request lecture captures?

Technology Solutions-LTS may take up to two business days to fulfill lecture capture requests.

How long can I keep the equipment I checked out?

Standard checkout is three business days, and a checkout can be renewed one time for an additional three business days.

How long does it take for a Blackboard Collaborate recording to publish?

The expectation for processing recordings should not be that it is immediate.

How long does it take to receive a SafeAssign report?

Information on normal SafeAssign response time.

How long is Echo360 data retained in UIC?

Echo360 data includes recordings, bookmarks, notes, and discussions.

How long is Panopto data retained in UIC?

With Panopto users can create recordings, bookmarks, notes, and discussions. Data from Panopto can be manually or automatically deleted.

How long should I reserve the Lightboard Studio to record a video?

The time you need depends on how many lectures you would like to record.

How many checkouts can I have?

You may only check out one of each type of device at a time.

How to create an item in a Blackboard Content Area?

Items in a content area can be created by hovering the mouse over Build Content and clicking Item.

How to create self-enrollment groups

Self-enrollment groups is one method for group membership

How to obtain a YouTube account using your UIC netID

Register for a YouTube account using your UIC netID. Logging into YouTube with your UIC credentials will ensure that your information is in compliance with university privacy policies and that your videos remain secure.

How to Use a Panopto Quiz as a Blackboard Assessment

This documentation will go over the steps to embed Panopto content into Blackboard for your students and view the grades.

How to use delegated grading in Blackboard?

Blackboard allows instructors to delegate grading.

How to view past courses in Blackboard

In the latest view of Blackboard, previous courses have now been given their own areas. To access courses from prior terms, please do the following:

I want to add a weighted total column. Why is there nothing in "Select Columns" section?

Adding a weighted total column shows nothing in "Select Columns" section.

I'm an Echo360 admin. How do I schedule a classroom capture?

Provides instruction on how an echo360 administrator can schedule classroom captures in classrooms equipped with echo360 devices.

Is access to Multimedia Software for Mac available for use?

Multimedia Software for Mac is available for use in the Academic Multimedia Lab located in the Daley Library IDEA Commons.

Is access to Multimedia Software for PC available for use?

Multimedia Software for PC is available for use in the Academic Multimedia Lab located in the Daley Library IDEA Commons.

Is Blackboard Connect a part of the services UIC subscribes to?

Blackboard Connect is a notification system and UIC does not subscribe to that system.

Is Blackboard Learn Accessible with JAWS?

Blackboard supports JAWS versions 13 and 14.

Is Echo360 POD compatible with UIC classrooms?

This article explains the adaptors needed in UIC classrooms for the proper function of Echo360 POD

Is Google Forms available with my UIC G Suite account?

Google Forms is available for use with your UIC G Suite account.

Is it possible to access gradebooks from previous courses?

Grades on Blackboard may not be the official final grade. To get official grade information, you can look up grades posted on Banner.

Is it possible to edit lecture captures in Echo360 after they are recorded?

A faculty member can edit lecture captures in Echo360 after they are recorded.

Is my VoiceThread considered accessible?

The following information summarizes the accessibility features of VoiceThread.

Is short term equipment lending available?

LTS (Learning Technology Solutions) offers equipment for short-term loan to both faculty and students

Is the Blackboard Class Photo Roster Tool Visible to Students?

The class photo roster is not visible to students.

Is there a math editor available in Blackboard?

There is a math editor available in test editors in Blackboard.

Is there a way to edit my post in the Discussion Board?

Is there a way to edit my post in the Discussion Board?

Is there a way to see whether or not a student has logged onto a particular blackboard site?

Yes, you can track student activity such as logging into your Blackboard site by using the Course Report Tool.

Is there an alternate discussion board for use in Blackboard?

Piazza is a discussion forum platform designed to facilitate higher quality collaborative discussions than the native Discussion Board that Blackboard provides. Piazza is integrated into Blackboard, where faculty can manage discussions in a course site.

Is there any cost associated with using the Lightboard Studio?

The use of the Lightboard Studio is free for all UIC faculty and TAs if used for instruction for UIC students.

Is video streaming allowed in classrooms for academic purposes?

Below is the copyright protocol for streaming video in UIC classrooms

I've uploaded all my course content to Blackboard and made my course available, but students see "No course content".

Students cannot see the control panel section in Blackboard; any tool and content in there will only be visible to instructors. Make sure your content is in content areas above the Control Panel, and Tools have made available as well.

My exam uses Respondus LockDown and Monitor; what should I do as a student?

Some courses require students to use Respondus, an online proctoring tool. If this is the case, you will need to download and install Respondus LockDown Browser on their own computer to use it.

Problems with MyLab or another Pearson product

In case of problems with Pearson web system or any of the lab products you may call 24/7: 1-800-677-6337

Removing file permissions in Blackboard Learn Content System (Webdisk)

Before Recycling a file in the Content System, you should remove all the permissions you might have granted if you shared the file with someone. To look at the file permissions follow these steps:

Resumable Tests in Blackboard Learn

Faculty members and teaching staff can minimize the effect of students being kicked out while taking a Blackboard test and reduce the need to have to reset students' test attempts by making the Blackboard tests resumable. Following are the steps how to make the test resumable:

Should I use an Online Whiteboard when conducting synchronous sessions with my students?

The purpose of a whiteboard is to visualize thoughts, concepts, and ideas. They are used to explain and teach, or they can be used to plan and create. Online whiteboards improve collaborative and creative processes when teaching online synchronously. See the suggested application to use at the bottom of this article.

Ultra: How do I filter my courses/ show only the current semester of courses?

To filter courses to show only the current semester:

Ultra: How do I make my course available to students?

Courses can be made available through the Courses tab.

Ultra: How do I prevent students from creating discussion boards?

Students can create discussion boards in the Ultra course view

Ultra: Where can I find my Blackboard profile?

The profile page can be found by clicking your name in the right navigation bar.

Ultra: Where do I grade my students' work?

The grade book can be accessed by clicking the Grades tab in the navigation bar.

VoiceThread error: The authentication failed; the signature on your request did not match the expected value.

Authentication failed is a known problem related to special characters in link description.

What accessibility features does Blackboard offer?

Blackboard has many features to enable screen readers, keyboard navigation, etc.

What are my options for recording a guest lecture?

Some options for recording a guest lecture.

What are my responsibilities if I receive an Technology Solutions Extended Laptop Loan?

The receiving student is responsible for the security of the laptop and its accessories. If the laptop is damaged, lost, or stolen, the student may be responsible for costs up to the full value of the laptop ($1,200).

What are some advantages and disadvantages of Asynchronous Learning?

Listed below are some pros of Asynchronous Instruction as well as some cons and some Best Practices solutions.

What are some reasons Blackboard may be slow?

Response time in web systems can be affected by a number of factors. Sometimes the workstation or device itself may have problems with memory or CPU. Sometimes WIFI or local Internet connectivity may be slow. Other times the server itself may be slowing down. Often restarting the modem, WIFI, and the computer resets local activity and restores original performance.

What are the audio visual (AV) features of Lecture Center "C"?

An overview on the unique AV features offered with the Lecture Center "C" systems.

What are the benefits of using OERs?

There are many benefits to using Open Educational Resources instead of textbooks.

What are the Best Practices for instructors using Blackboard Learn Tests?

Gives tips on how to create online tests through blackboard

What are the different types of submissions in Gradescope?

This article provides an overview of submission types allowed for in Gradescope.

What are the Technology Solutions teaching and open computer labs?

Technology Solutions manages several computer labs. Some are dedicated to open use, while others have priority usage for courses that need access to computers.

What are Timed Assignments in Gradescope?

This article explains how Timed Assignments are interpreted by Gradescope.

What browsers does Gradescope support?

These are the latest version of the browsers that are supported by Gradescope.

What can be done if copying from Microsoft word to Blackboard does not work properly ?

If you are copying from word into the Blackboard, you can:

What can I do if I need a computer for my class but do not have access to one?

Chromebooks and laptops are available for loan from Technology Solutions for UIC students that are in need of one in order to continue with their studies.

What can I do if my classroom does not support lecture capture?

Only the classrooms listed have hardware to automatically capture lectures: "https://answers.uillinois.edu/uic/page.php?id=8..."

What can I do to be prepared for the expiration of SoftChalk?

As an alternative way to create e-Learning content for your course site, we suggest the use of Adobe Captivate, available at the UIC Webstore and free to install on any UIC owned computer.

What can I tell students who have questions about the privacy policy for Respondus Monitor?

Respondus Inc. provides a software service that UIC instructors can use to increase academic integrity during non-proctored, online exams.

What course roles are available in Blackboard?

Explains the different Blackboard Roles

What do I do if iClicker no longer syncs with Blackboard after the upgrade?

Make sure you have the most current iClicker version.

What do I do if the wireless microphone is not working?

What to check when the wireless microphone is not working.

What does Gradescope do with my data?

Below is Gradescope's position on data ownership and privacy policy.

What does it mean when an Echo360 Section does not exist for my course?

This occurs when an instructor does not complete and submit the Request Classroom Capture form prior to logging into echo360.org to access their course. The Request Classroom Capture form can be found on the Echo360 section of the Technology Solutions website:

What file types can be submitted to SafeAssign in Blackboard Learn?

SafeAssign only supports file types that are convertible to plain text, which includes these file types: DOCX, DOC, PPT, PPTX, PDF, TXT, ODT, RTF, HTML, and HTM. Spreadsheet files aren't supported.

What happen if I cannot return my equipment on the due date?

Failure to return equipment by the due date and time will result in late return fines, in addition to a hold being placed on borrower's account, preventing further equipment checkout until the equipment is returned and for a one (1) week period afterward. This penalty will be extended for any repeat offenses.

What happens to my Blackboard site at the end of a term?

If the site was made as part of CRN shell creation, the course will initially be made unavailable to students.

What if I lose my work when taking a Blackboard Test?

Your work is probably lost, but here are some tips for next time.

What if I’m having trouble finding or opening my assignment?

To open or find an assignment, contact your instructor or LTS

What instructions should I provide students with for LockDown Browser & Respondus Monitor?

Instructors should manage student expectations and provide clear instructions when exams will require LockDown Browser & Respondus Monitor. Below is sample text you can use to update course Syllabus or post a Blackboard Course Announcements.

What is Amazon Alexa skill for Blackboard Learn?

Students can check assignments due through Amazon Alexa devices

What is Blackboard Collaborate Ultra?

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is a tool that allows for students and instructors to use audio, video, chat, and file sharing (PowerPoint, whiteboard, web-tours) to hold live online meetings, lectures, and discussions.

What is Gradescope?

Gradescope helps instructors administer and grade assessments, whether online or in-class and allows saving time grading while getting a clearer picture of how students are learning.

What is the Blackboard Calendar?

The Blackboard calendar permits students and instructors access to a centralized schedule that can keep track of events and due dates.

What is the Blackboard Learn discussion board?

Explains what the discussion board is

What is the contacts tool?

The contact tool allows instructors to add information about themselves for students.

What is the purpose of the Activity Stream in Blackboard?

The activity stream page allows users to see all notifications in one location.

What Kind of Acadly Course Can I Set Up?

This article tells you how to set up an Acadly account, how to set it up in Blackboard, and how to run basic functions in Acadly.

What should I do if I get Error: no audio output device installed?

This error occurs if an application such as Wimba Voice Tools tries to use an audio device and finds that it is unable to use that resource. Note that this also applies to when you try to use a pair of headphones, but the headphones are not taken as the primary audio device.

What should I do if my Blackboard account access is denied?

If you receive this message your account may have been deleted or suspended.

What should I do if Pearson MyLab doesn't work in Blackboard?

Integration with Pearson can range from a link to pearson.com in a course, to a single sign-on via LTI in Blackboard, and to full gradebook synchronization with deep content links.

What should I know about the Blackboard Inline Grading Tool Bb Annotate?

Inline grading has been updated with a new tool called Bb Annotate which can be used to post annotations to student assignment submissions in the Grade Center. Bb Annotate has replaced Box View. The tool is available when viewing most student assignment submissions.

What should I use instead of SoftChalk?

The University of Illinois recommends you use Adobe Captivate to create e-learning content for your class. It is available at the UIC Webstore and is free to use on any UIC affiliated computer.

What software is available in the classrooms and computer labs?

The following software is guaranteed to be present in Technology Solutions managed classrooms and computer labs.

What software is available through Virtual Computer Lab?

As we prepare for the Fall 2020 semester, the following is a list of the software that will be available in the Virtual Computer Lab.

What type of assignment questions can I evaluate with Gradescope?

Gradescope allows you to grade paper-based exams, quizzes, and homework. In addition, it enables you to grade programming assignments (graded automatically or manually) and lets you create online assignments that students can answer right on Gradescope.

What types of AV systems are available at UIC?

Technology Solutions has three types of AV systems available for use in common classrooms.

What version of Adobe Captivate should I install on my computer?

Faculty is advised to download Adobe Captivate 2019 Release for eLearning content creation

What version of Adobe Captivate should I install?

Faculty is advised to download Adobe Captivate 9, which is available in the "https://webstore.illinois.edu/shop/product.aspx..." target="_blank"

When should Asynchronous Instruction be considered?

Here are some points to consider when using Asynchronous Instruction.

Where and when can I receive assistance with my media conversions?

Media conversion is not a drop-off service. The LTS technology consultants will show you how to use the equipment and the software to digitize or transcode your media.

Where are the locations for short term equipment lending?

Learning Technology Solutions (LTS) offers equipment for short-term loan to both faculty and students

Where can I find out more about Echo360?

UIC provides all faculty and instructors with a free and easy-to-use lecture capture tool called Echo360. Along with features provided by the tool, UIC faculty have access to support, learning workshops, and personal consultations.

Where can I get help as I prepare my online course?

UIC instructors developing online courses can request help with the use of UIC supported technologies and attend webinars and other departmental training. Additionally, courses developed as fully asynchronous with large enrollment may have access to a Course Builder in their college.

Where can I learn about VoiceThread?

VoiceThread is available to all UIC instructors via Blackboard, under the Tools section. Learn about how and when to use VoiceThread in this article.

Where can I learn how to use Respondus Monitor as an instructor?

LockDown Browser is a custom browser that locks down the testing environment for tests taken in Blackboard. If you enable LockDown Browser for a Blackboard tests, students will be unable to copy, print, access other applications, visit other websites, or close the test until it is submitted. LockDown Browser functions much like a standard browser, but some options have been removed or work differently.

For example, the toolbar is modified to only include Forward, Back, Refresh, an

Where can I store Lightboard videos and how can my students access them?

Technology Solutions staff will help upload your videos to the Panopto library.

Where do students go to see the responses to quizzes in Blackboard?

Students can see all responses from the online quiz, after the availability period has expired if the instructor set this option.

Where do we purchase iClicker bases?

You can purchase iClicker bases from the vendor.

Which browsers are compatible with Echo360?

Echo360 is a web-based application, and as such does not have specific OS requirements. It does however, have certain browser requirements. While Echo360 can't necessarily test every version of every browser out there, they do test the more recent and most popular browsers/versions.

Which classrooms are enabled for lecture capture?

The following classrooms have the ability to capture lectures:

Which Crestron option should I chose between TH 100 and 120 for lectern PC Audio?

Due to the system setup, two Crestron audio devices are available except one serves as a communication device and the other is the playback device. Selecting the communication device with the phone icon does not output PC audio. The audio device without the phone icon is the correct and only audio playback device that will output audio to the classroom.

Who can schedule an automated Echo360 classroom recording or live streaming for my class?

To provide instructor with clear information about when to use the request form for classroom Echo360 recording or live streaming.

Who do I contact for iClicker Support?

iClicker highly recommends that clients contact them if they need any assistance.

Who is my college iThenticate administrator?

This article provides a listing of iThenticate administrators, by college.

Why am I prompted for credentials twice when accessing the Virtual Computer Lab?

You may have to log in twice to the Virtual Computer Lab.

Why am I unable to upload content to my course?

I see the error message: 'Failed File system entry not readable: /courses/comm2-con'

Why can't I access the Start menu in the Virtual Computer Lab?

If you're connected to the Virtual Computer lab and find that the Start button doesn't appear to work on the desktop, you can find and run programs using the "Start Menu" folder on the desktop by doing the following:

Why can't I add assignments to a weighted column?

This issue comes up occasionally and the best option is to clear cache and cookies.

Why can't I customize the theme or colors in Blackboard?

UIC is using the most current version of Blackboard Learn 9.1, which offers many valuable benefits. To ensure that the updated interface works properly across all devices and all course sites, the colors and sizes of elements in the Blackboard interface are not able to be customized at this time.

Why can't I login to Blackboard (New UIC User)?

If you cannot log in to Blackboard and you are new to UIC, it is likely that a password has not yet been set for your UIC NetID. For students, this is commonly done during orientation.

Why can't I reorder content using the drag-and-drop feature?

Some users are experiencing difficulty when reordering course content using the drag-and-drop feature. If you are affected by this, please try using the Keyboard-Accessible reordering feature found in the top-right corner of the course menu or content area.

Why can't I see a column in Blackboard's Grade Center?

The column may be hidden. Hidden columns can be shown again by using the Column Organization feature.

Why can't I see the + sign on the top left of the content area anymore?

Why can't I see the + sign on the top left of the content area anymore?

Why can't I see the horizontal scroll bar in Blackboard's Grade Center?

In order to see the horizontal bar, System Preferences on a Mac have to be changed.

Why can't I view course materials after the professor added me as a guest to the course site?

Instructors can control whether or not the guest and observer roles have access to your course and to specific content. They must turn on access to each individual content item for guests.

Why can't my students access my Panopto videos?

This article summarizes how to troubleshoot when your students cannot access your Panopto videos. If it appears that the requests are coming from all students, it is likely occurring because the Panopto videos in your current course weren't copied over correctly from the previous course. You can either email LTS@uic.edu or follow the steps described here.

Why can't my students see the course content?

Students cannot see the content in the site and the instructor needs to click under Content System to see the course files.

Why do I get an error message when accessing Blackboard's Grade Center?

Using old Internet browser versions can lead to the Blackboard Grade Center not loading properly. Most errors can be fixed by clearing cache and cookies.

Why do I have to agree to terms of service just to upload a profile picture in Blackboard?

Explains why acceptance of TOS is needed to upload a profile picture

Why do I see a blank page when I access my course site?

There are two possibilities for why there is a blank page:

Why do questions appear to randomized on my test even though I didn't randomize questions?

It is likely the test is set to have randomized answers, which is less obvious.

Why does 'Check submissions for plagiarism using safe assign' disappear after I save it?

You can only enable SafeAssign when you make the assignment "available".

Why does Panopto have a ‘Click to sign in’ screen?

This article details a workaround for a Panopto error asking users to "Click to sign in."

Why doesn't my Blackboard Mobile Learn app work?

Mobile Learn, Blackboard’s original mobile application for students and instructors, is no longer available in the app stores and it may stop working. It was retired in August of 2017.

Why don't "some" students have access to my course site?

On occasion some students don't have access to a Blackboard course site. There are a few ways to check the issue.

Why don't I have access to content (adaptive release)?

It is possible that the content availability dates were set up incorrectly.

Why is iClicker Classic Installer not working on macOS Sierra?

iClicker has confirmed that there is a known issue with the iClicker installer for macOS Sierra. Follow these steps as a work around.

Why is there extra text/weird formatting when I send a Blackboard Announcement, although it looks fine before sending?

Often when pasting into Blackboard text retains the formatting from Microsoft Word and requires some steps to correct it.

Why isn't my course on the list when I try to connect Blackboard to Poll Everywhere?

Poll Everywhere does not list Blackboard course sites that are unavailable.

Why isn't my current class listed in personal capture even though I have registered for it in the past?

Faculty using Personal Capture via Echo360 need to request access for every class, every semester.

Why isn't my Echo 360 lecture capture available? When do recordings become available?

Recordings from Echo360 lecture capture or ALP are not immediately available.

Why the Export Grades tool in Blackboard shows inaccurate grades?

The Grade Center in Blackboard needs to have an accurate External Grade marked to export grades properly into Banner. This article contains the solutions to common grade center problems.