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Adding a Total Column in the grade center

A total column can be added by going to the grade center, clicking Create Calculated Column, and selecting Total Column.

Are there costs for the Technology Solutions Extended Laptop Loan program?

The Technology Solutions Extended Laptop Loan program is funded by the student Library/IT Assessment. There is no additional cost for this service to Technology SolutionsELL recipients.

Automatic Closed Captioning for Echo 360 video

Automatic speech recognition can be enabled in Echo 360 videos. This transcript can later be edited to provide a compliant transcript and closed captioning.

Blackboard is not reflecting my updated schedule of classes

It takes 24 hours for student courses to reflect in Blackboard.

Can I merge two courses and have all students be on one course site?

Yes, it is possible to merge courses, but the request needs to be submitted via an online form.

Can I paste text from MS Word onto Blackboard?

You can add text using the content editor

Can I put equipment on reservation?

Checking out equipment is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Can I use a Respondus with a Chromebook?

A “beta” release of a new Chromebook extension for LockDown Browser is currently available for exams delivered in Blackboard Learn (Original view). This version of the LockDown Browser Chromebook extension also supports Respondus Monitor. During the beta period, instructors will need to allow the use of LockDown Browser for Chromebook on a per exam basis.

Can I use a tablet device for whiteboarding instead of the in classroom board?

A mobile tablet will allow you to share a whiteboard with both in person students and remote students together in an on campus classroom. You can write more precisely on the whiteboard if you have an Apple pencil or stylus for Android.

Can I view classroom schedules and when classrooms are being used?

Classroom schedules and when classrooms are being used is not available to Technology Solutions staff.

Can students use multiple monitors with Respondus Lockdown Browser?

Students will experience problems when using Respondus Lockdown Browser with multiple monitors.

Does Zoom integrate with Panopto?

The Zoom integration with Panopto allows for Zoom recordings to be uploaded seamlessly into Panopto.

How are students enrolled in my Blackboard course site?

Students are enrolled into a CRN course site automatically.

How can an instructor create an assignment in Blackboard that allows students to submit a video for grading?

The Technology Solutions sponsored tool called Panopto, allows instructors to create an assignment that allows students the ability to upload a video to Blackboard.

How can I access Acadly?

Acadly is a classroom interactivity tool with features for in-class student response, math-TeX support, and no limits on the number of responses. The Acadly mobile app can be used to take automatic attendance in on-campus and hybrid courses.

How can I access Adobe Creative Cloud as a student?

While the on-campus computer labs are unavailable, UIC students who need to use Adobe Creative Cloud applications for their studies are able to request one-year access to an Adobe Creative Cloud Enterprise ID.

How can I access iThenticate?

iThenticate is a cloud-based anti-plagiarism software available to faculty and graduate students to check papers, theses, grant proposals, books, etc. Undergraduate students should use SafeAssign (part of Blackboard) to check undergraduate papers.

How can I access UIC Library resources when not on campus?

Some resources managed by the UIC Library require the use of the Virtual Private Network (VPN) when you are not physically on-campus.

How can I change my course name?

The course name can be changed by going into Customization and then Properties.

How can I change the point of entry for my course?

Changing the Entry Point of your Blackboard course is easy. Follow the instructions below or watch the video below to see how to change your course Entry Point.

How can I copy files to and from my local desktop to my Virtual Computer Lab machine?

To work on your files in the Virtual Computer Lab environment you can copy them from your local machine by using OneDrive or, if using a Windows computer, directly from your local drive by taking the following steps:

How can I create a smart view in Blackboard's Grade Center?

Smart Views can be made by going into the Grade Center, hovering the mouse over Manage, and then clicking Smart Views.

How can I download and install Grammarly on University-Managed Laptops and Computer Labs?

This article provides detailed instructions for IT staff on downloading and installing the Grammarly software on university-managed laptops or computer labs. The process ensures all faculty and student laptops are equipped with Grammarly to enhance writing assistance across the university community.

How can I edit the sample banner in the course template or add a new banner to my Blackboard course?

To add a banner to the exemplary course template, you will first require a 480 by 80 pixels image that you would like to use as your course banner. You can create this image using applications like MS Paint or Adobe Illustrator. You can also choose to edit the sample Banner provided in the Exemplary course template.

How can I export Blackboard grades into Banner?

The Export Grade tool allows instructors to export grades to Banner. This tool can be found under Course Tools in the left navigation bar.

How can I live stream using Echo360?

Echo360 is a system that allows instructors to easily stream and record lectures taught in specific UIC classrooms and make them available to their students through Blackboard.

How can I locate Class Climate Course Evaluation Tool in Blackboard?

This article demonstrates how instructors and students can access Class Climate course evaluation surveys in Blackboard

How can I record student attendance in my course site?

Attendance can be tracked manually or using a Student Response System.

How can I reference photos of my students in Blackboard?

The UIC Blackboard Learn service offers instructors and teaching assistants in course sites the images of students that appear on their University iCard so that they can easily associate student names and faces in their courses. All students are not required to have ID pictures, and some students have opted to have their images remain private.

How can I save my Zoom recordings to Echo360?

Recordings from Zoom meetings using Record to the Cloud will be automatically uploaded to Echo360 after adjusting account settings.

How can I see all the users enrolled in Blackboard?

Explains how an instructor can see a list of all his/her students

How can I use Zoom in classrooms for synchronous teaching?

Zoom can be used in classrooms along with a webcam and/or document camera (if applicable). If a classroom has a synchronous supported document camera, you can use it as you normally would and both the Zoom meeting participants and students present in class will be able to see the doc cam. You can also share files such as PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, PDFs, and contents on a browser, as well as sharing your entire screen.

How can Zoom meetings be scheduled in a Blackboard Course?

Zoom at UIC has been integrated with the Blackboard Learn system for the ease of instructors and students.

How Do I Access Another Instructor's Blackboard Course Contents?

To access another instructor’s Blackboard course contents, please contact that course’s instructor and request to be manually enrolled as an instructor in that Blackboard course. To enroll you as an instructor, the other instructor will need to:

How do I add my profile picture in Blackboard?

You can change your profile picture on the Personalize My Settings page

How Do I Adjust the Audio Levels for the AV System?

To adjust the source audio (lectern PC, external input, Blu-ray) for an Integrated Multimedia Lectern (Enhanced) system use the following steps:

How do I check my Blackboard course storage?

Storage is set to 2GB in Blackboard. Learn how to check your course storage.

How do I check my grades in Blackboard?

The Blackboard Learning Management System provides a place for students to check their grades on assessments.

How do I connect to the Virtual Computer Lab using a browser?

Use these instructions to connect to UIC's Virtual Computer Lab using your web browser:

How do I connect to the Virtual Computer Lab using a mobile device?

Install the IOS/Android remote desktop client and connect to a Virtual Desktop

How do I connect to the Virtual Computer Lab using the desktop application?

These instructions apply to Windows and MacOS and will show you how to connect to UIC's Virtual Computer Lab service:

How do I copy a course from one term to another?

You can copy courses from one term to another however, you must be an instructor in the destination course as well.

How do I create a Blackboard account for an external (non-UIC) user?

Anyone affiliated with the University of Illinois Chicago and having an activated UIC NetID will automatically have a blackboard account.

How do I create a VoiceThread?

Below are the steps to create a VoiceThread.

How do I display two different sources at the same time?

Some classrooms with dual projectors are able to display two different sources at the same time. Those rooms include:

How do I download Panopto Videos and save for later?

Instructors are able to download their recorded Panopto session video's to their hard drive by following the process in this article.

How do I enroll another instructor or my teaching assistant in my Blackboard course site?

Instructors can enroll other users by going to Users and Groups, clicking Users, and then Find Users to Enroll.

How do I ensure my Lecture Capture is recording audio?

The following tip can be used to confirm lecture capture is detecting an audio signal.

How do I get an external tool integrated in Blackboard?

To request an external tool to be integrated via LTI in Blackboard, please submit a request as described in this article.

How do I get help with Blackboard?

You can get help from LTS or Blackboard support

How do I get my lecture recorded?

Contact the appropriate unit to arrange lecture capture:

How do I initialize and deploy the Echo360 POD?

This article provides a quick guide of how to initialize and deploy the Echo360 POD

How do I install Grammarly on my computer?

This article outlines how to download Grammarly's UIC license for use on a personal or work computer.

How do I know which adapter to use for my laptop?

Guide on different types of display outputs and adapters

How do I make my Blackboard course available to students?

By default, Blackboard courses are visible only to the instructor until instructors choose to make the course available to students.

How do I print discussion board content from Blackboard?

Discussion boards can be printed by going to the messages, placing checkmarks in the boxes next to the message, and clicking Print Preview.

How do I remove a student from my Blackboard Course?

PLEASE NOTE: Be careful when removing students from Blackboard course sites as all information associated with the student (including grades and assignment submissions) will be deleted. Before removing students, make sure you do not need to refer back to these student

How do I remove a student from the Blackboard course enrollment list?

Students can be removed from the Users and Groups page.

How do I remove old courses from my Blackboard homepage?

If you are a student, courses from past terms will be removed automatically about two weeks after grades are due. Some instructors may keep courses available to you beyond the end of the term. Please, contact your instructor if you'd like to stop seeing a particular course on your Blackboard homepage.

How do I renew a checkout?

You must physically return to the checkout location with the equipment in hand for inspection and present a valid UIC iCard to renew the checkout.

How do I request a Blackboard Learn course copy?

Instructors can copy courses from previous semesters or request a copy from a previous course to be made by LTS Support team.

How do I request a Course Template Import?

Instructors can request a course template by filling out a Technology Solutions form. NOTE: This information applies to the Original Course View only.

How do I request software to be installed in a classroom, computer lab, or the Virtual Computer Lab?

Many instructors have found it useful to have software and data files installed on our network servers for their students to use. Technology Solutions will work with faculty and departments to make such arrangements.

How do I request to restore an archived Blackboard course?

Instructors can fill out a restoration request form to have an old course restored.

How do I reserve a computer lab?

Technology Solutions partners with the Office of Classroom Scheduling (OCS) to improve the computer lab reservation process.

How do I send an email using Blackboard Ultra?

Ultra view allows users to send messages to everyone in the course.

How do I send email using Blackboard?

You can send email through Blackboard using the "Send Email" tool in Original Course View; or using the "Messages" tool in Ultra Course View.

How do I submit an assignment after the deadline in Gradescope?

This article explains options instructors have to deal with late completed work.

How do I submit an assignment to Blackboard?

Students can submit their finished assignment work through the link provided by the instructor.

How do I take a test with Ultra View?

You can take a test in Blackboard Ultra

How do I troubleshoot Acadly attendance errors?

This article summarizes how to troubleshoot Acadly errors that arise during remote attendance reporting.

How do I upload video to Blackboard?

The Panopto Building Block for Blackboard provides faculty and staff an easy method for embedding Panopto recordings directly into their courses. Recordings will continue to stream from Panopto without using any storage space on Blackboard. Course permissions will be honored, and recordings can be added anywhere the Mashup Tool is made available.

How do I use Discussion Board in Blackboard Ultra?

You can use discussion boards in Blackboard to share thoughts and ideas about class materials

How do I use Echo360 Universal Capture?

Echo360 Universal Capture allows instructors to easily record lectures remotely on their own laptop, and make them available to their students through Blackboard. The system will capture all audio and video sources including the presenter and anything on the laptop screen.

How do I use the AV system?

For Integrated Multimedia Lectern (Enhanced)

How do I use the Blackboard Inline Grading Tool Bb Annotate?

Blackboard Learn offers Bb Annotate for Inline Grading in both the Original Course and Ultra Course Views. Bb Annotate offers a more robust feature set to provide customizable feedback to students. Features include a sidebar summary view, freehand drawing tools, various color selections, and much more.

How do I use the Class Activity Dashboard?

This article details various use case scenarios for using the Class Activity Dashboard pilot.

How do I use the Document Camera available in the classroom?

There are two types of document cameras available in classrooms. Please check which is available in your room and you'll find corresponding instructions below.

How do I use the Elmo USB document camera with my computer to write equations?

The Elmo OX-1 document camera is easy to use, not expensive, and it produces a good quality video for teaching. The OX-1 offers 8x digital zoom via software and comes with a built-in microphone. You can use it with any computer and any web-conferencing tool for online dissemination of the content in real-time. Below are the steps on how to use and connect the OX-1 external document camera with your computer.

How do I use the lectern PC?

How to use the Lectern PC source.

How do I use the UIC Blackboard template?

As UIC adopts hybrid learning and teaching in online environments, colleges have requested consistency and college branding in Blackboard courses to help students navigate courses easily, access college resources quickly, and help students feel part of a community. The UIC Blackboard template comes with a Welcome Page. This page can be generic for UIC or specific to a particular department or college.

How do students see Zoom recordings in Blackboard?

This article summarizes how to set up the Zoom integration so that students can access your course recordings.

How do you add content to the Content Area instead of the content system?

Details how to add content to the Content Area instead of the content system.

How does Gradescope benefit students, instructors, and TAs?

Below is an outline for benefits to students when using Gradescope.

How long can I keep the equipment I checked out?

Standard checkout is three business days, and a checkout can be renewed one time for an additional three business days.

How long does it take to receive a SafeAssign report?

Information on normal SafeAssign response time.

How long is Echo360 data retained at UIC?

Echo360 data includes recordings, bookmarks, notes, and discussions.

How long is Panopto data retained at UIC?

With Panopto users can create recordings, bookmarks, notes, and discussions. Data from Panopto can be manually or automatically deleted.

How many checkouts can I have?

You may only check out one of each type of device at a time.

How to create self-enrollment groups

Self-enrollment groups is one method for group membership

How to Use a Panopto Quiz as a Blackboard Assessment

This documentation will go over the steps to embed Panopto content into Blackboard for your students and view the grades.

I'm an Echo360 admin. How do I schedule a classroom capture?

Provides instruction on how an echo360 administrator can schedule classroom captures in classrooms equipped with echo360 devices.

Is Echo360 POD compatible with UIC classrooms?

This article explains the adaptors needed in UIC classrooms for the proper function of Echo360 POD

Is short term equipment lending available?

LTS (Learning Technology Solutions) offers equipment for short-term loan to both faculty and students

Is the Blackboard Class Photo Roster Tool Visible to Students?

The class photo roster is not visible to students.

I've uploaded all my course content to Blackboard and made my course available, but students see "No course content".

Students cannot see the control panel section in Blackboard; any tool and content in there will only be visible to instructors. Make sure your content is in content areas above the Control Panel, and Tools have made available as well.

My exam uses Respondus LockDown and Monitor; what should I do as a student?

Some courses require students to use Respondus, an online proctoring tool. If this is the case, you will need to download and install Respondus LockDown Browser on their own computer to use it.

Should I use an Online Whiteboard when conducting synchronous sessions with my students?

The purpose of a whiteboard is to visualize thoughts, concepts, and ideas. They are used to explain and teach, or they can be used to plan and create. Online whiteboards improve collaborative and creative processes when teaching online synchronously. See the suggested application to use at the bottom of this article.

What accessibility features does Blackboard offer?

Blackboard has many features to enable screen readers, keyboard navigation, etc.

What are the benefits of using OERs?

There are many benefits to using Open Educational Resources instead of textbooks.

What can I do if I need a computer for my class but do not have access to one?

Chromebooks and laptops are available for loan from Technology Solutions for UIC students that are in need of one in order to continue with their studies.

What do I do if the wireless microphone is not working?

What to check when the wireless microphone is not working.

What happen if I cannot return my equipment on the due date?

Failure to return equipment by the due date and time will result in late return fines, in addition to a hold being placed on borrower's account, preventing further equipment checkout until the equipment is returned and for a one (1) week period afterward. This penalty will be extended for any repeat offenses.

What is Amazon Alexa skill for Blackboard Learn?

Students can check assignments due through Amazon Alexa devices

What is Gradescope?

Gradescope helps instructors administer and grade assessments, whether online or in-class and allows saving time grading while getting a clearer picture of how students are learning.

What is the Blackboard Calendar?

The Blackboard calendar permits students and instructors access to a centralized schedule that can keep track of events and due dates.

What is the Blackboard Learn discussion board?

Explains what the discussion board is

What should I do if Pearson MyLab doesn't work in Blackboard?

Integration with Pearson can range from a link to pearson.com in a course, to a single sign-on via LTI in Blackboard, and to full gradebook synchronization with deep content links.

What software is available in the classrooms and computer labs?

The following software is guaranteed to be present in Technology Solutions managed classrooms and computer labs.

What software is available through Virtual Computer Lab?

This article lists the software that is available in the Virtual Computer Lab.

What types of AV systems are available at UIC?

Technology Solutions has three types of AV systems available for use in common classrooms.

Where are the locations for short term equipment lending?

Learning Technology Solutions (LTS) offers equipment for short-term loan to both faculty and students

Where are the Technology Solutions teaching and open computer labs?

Technology Solutions manages several computer labs. Some are dedicated to open use, while others have priority usage for courses that need access to computers.

Which classrooms are enabled for lecture capture?

The following classrooms have the ability to capture lectures:

Who can schedule an automated Echo360 classroom recording or live streaming for my class?

To provide instructor with clear information about when to use the request form for classroom Echo360 recording or live streaming.

Who do I contact for iClicker Support?

iClicker highly recommends that clients contact them if they need any assistance.

Who is my college iThenticate administrator?

This article provides a listing of iThenticate administrators, by college.

Why can't I customize the theme or colors in Blackboard?

UIC is using the most current version of Blackboard Learn 9.1, which offers many valuable benefits. To ensure that the updated interface works properly across all devices and all course sites, the colors and sizes of elements in the Blackboard interface are not able to be customized at this time.

Why can't I download the Chrome extension for Grammarly?

This article documents a known issue with the Grammarly Chrome extension and documents a workaround for all users.

Why can't I log in to Blackboard (New UIC User)?

If you cannot log in to Blackboard and you are new to UIC, it is likely that a password has not yet been set for your UIC NetID. For students, this is commonly done during orientation.

Why can't my students access my Panopto videos?

This article summarizes how to troubleshoot when your students cannot access your Panopto videos. If it appears that the requests are coming from all students, it is likely occurring because the Panopto videos in your current course weren't copied over correctly from the previous course. You can either email LTS@uic.edu or follow the steps described here.

Why do I get an error message when accessing Blackboard's Grade Center?

Using old Internet browser versions can lead to the Blackboard Grade Center not loading properly. Most errors can be fixed by clearing cache and cookies.

Why does Panopto have a ‘Click to sign in’ screen?

This article details a workaround for a Panopto error asking users to "Click to sign in."