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Web conferencing allows you to interact with others over the Internet. You can share your video, your computer screen, initiate a poll, and chat with attendees.
Instructors can create a folder using Panopto in Blackboard that allows students to upload videos.
You can get help from LTS or Blackboard support
Instructors can fill out a restoration request form to have an old course restored.
A faculty member can edit lecture captures in Echo360 after they are recorded.
To request an external tool to be integrated via LTI in Blackboard, please submit a request as described in this article.
Yes, it is possible to merge courses, but the request needs to be submitted via an online form.
Instructors can request a course template by filling out a Technology Solutions form. NOTE: This information applies to the Original Course View only.
As UIC moves instruction further into online means, colleges have requested consistency in addition to department-level branding to help students navigate courses easily, access college resources quickly, and help students feel part of a community.
This article compares the different features and capabilities when teaching online synchronously using either Blackboard Collaborate or Zoom. Selecting the right tool depends on your course needs and teaching objectives.
PLEASE NOTE: Be careful when removing students from Blackboard course sites as all information associated with the student (including grades and assignment submissions) will be deleted. Before removing students, make sure you do not need to refer back to these student
Anyone could be disconnected from Blackboard Collaborate if WIFI network stops or a number of computer conditions arise.
This article tells you how to set up an Acadly account, how to set it up in Blackboard, and how to run basic functions in Acadly.
Acadly is a classroom interactivity tool with features for in-class student response, math-TeX support, and no limits on the number of responses. The Acadly mobile app can be used to take automatic attendance in on-campus and hybrid courses.