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The Export Grade tool allows instructors to export grades to Banner. This tool can be found under Course Tools in the left navigation bar.
You can change your profile picture on the Personalize My Settings page
This article demonstrates how instructors and students can access Class Climate course evaluation surveys in Blackboard
As UIC adopts hybrid learning and teaching in online environments, colleges have requested consistency and college branding in Blackboard courses to help students navigate courses easily, access college resources quickly, and help students feel part of a community. The UIC Blackboard template comes with a Welcome Page. This page can be generic for UIC or specific to a particular department or college.
Acadly is a classroom interactivity tool with features for in-class student response, math-TeX support, and no limits on the number of responses. The Acadly mobile app can be used to take automatic attendance in on-campus and hybrid courses.
Instructors can fill out a restoration request form to have an old course restored.
You can send email through Blackboard using the "Send Email" tool in Original Course View; or using the "Messages" tool in Ultra Course View.
If you are a student, courses from past terms will be removed automatically about two weeks after grades are due. Some instructors may keep courses available to you beyond the end of the term. Please, contact your instructor if you'd like to stop seeing a particular course on your Blackboard homepage.
To access another instructor’s Blackboard course contents, please contact that course’s instructor and request to be manually enrolled as an instructor in that Blackboard course. To enroll you as an instructor, the other instructor will need to:
The Blackboard calendar permits students and instructors access to a centralized schedule that can keep track of events and due dates.
UIC is using the most current version of Blackboard Learn 9.1, which offers many valuable benefits. To ensure that the updated interface works properly across all devices and all course sites, the colors and sizes of elements in the Blackboard interface are not able to be customized at this time.
The class photo roster is not visible to students.
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You can take a test in Blackboard Ultra