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What is Echo360?

Echo360 is a system that allows instructors to easily stream and record lectures taught in specific UIC classrooms and make them available to their students through Blackboard. Some classrooms are equipped with Echo360 devices that will capture all audio and video sources in the classroom’s multimedia system, including the installed PC, the instructor camera, and the built-in and wireless microphones. You may still use Echo360 in classrooms that do not have the hardware; instead, download onto your computer and use Echo360 Universal Capture software to live stream. 

Why would I want to live stream or record my class?

Live streaming gives students the flexibility to remotely view the lecture live in addition to watching the recording anytime after a class session. To maximize student engagement, you can combine live streaming with the use of interactive presentations and the student Question & Answer feature. Students can now watch and participate in real-time, optimizing their active engagement in a live streamed lecture.


What advantages are there for students if I use live streaming with Echo360?

1. Students can attend class remotely, and can control their viewing experience with the classroom toolbar. 


2. Students can view the live stream and respond to polling questions using a mobile app


   3. Students can take time stamped notes along with the presentation.



4. Students can view or download their notes after class using the study guide.


5. Students can flag slides they find confusing and add bookmarks.


How do I access Echo360?

  1. Before you can start live streaming or recording lectures, you will need to request access to the UIC Echo360 system by filling out the lecture capture request form found at:

Note: You must log in using your netID and password, and make sure you opt in with a Yes for the “would you like your lectures to be streamed live” question.

  1. You will receive an email support ticket confirming your request.

  2. Once the request is fulfilled, your scheduled class sessions will be created on the Echo360 system. 

  3. Students will see your Echo360 class session list and join the live stream on your Blackboard course site.  Add a tool or content link to provide the access link to the Echo360 system.

How do I run a presentation?

  1. Your class sessions can be accessed through your linked Blackboard course site; however, in order to present your slides in the largest full screen mode, we recommend accessing your course through

  2. Go to your scheduled class and upload a presentation. Add a polling question or media slide when appropriate.

  3. Click on your class session and your presentation will open. Open it in full screen mode. This is what students will see as they are watching the live stream.

  4. Ensure that your lecture capture is recording audio, by checking the audio meter on the Echo360 device.

  5. Go through your presentation, pausing at any media slides and managing any polling activities.

  6. Respond to any confusion flags as you are presenting or wait until after class.

  7. Provide written responses in the Question & Answer tab as needed or address questions verbally for all students during the live class as appropriate. You can also endorse a student post or response.

  8. When the scheduled class time is over the live stream and recording will end and begin uploading to the Echo360 system. Students can access the recording through the link you created on your Blackboard course.

If you do not see audio displayed on the meter, check to see that the podium or wireless microphone level is set correctly and not muted. Consult this article for instructions.

If after checking that the microphone level is correct, but you still don’t see an audio on the meter, call 312 996-4648 to alert a technician to come and correct the situation.


What can I do after class?

1. Respond to posts in the Question & Answer tab.


2. View course analytics on student engagement and classroom participation. 



3. View media analytics on time spent and specific videos watched.


4. View polling data on student poll responses to determine understanding and engagement.


5. Export student data to the Blackboard Grade Center to record participation scores.



6. Enable, view or edit the transcription provided by the Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) service which helps to reinforce the lecture information for students



What if I want to have guest speakers or student presentations?

Echo360 live streaming only allows presentations from one location, relying on Universal Capture software and/or the capture device in the classroom. There are some ways to use Echo360, however, to accomplish remote presentations by guest speakers or online students:

  • Guest speakers could create pre-recorded videos, which could then be added to an Echo360 course.  Adding videos to the class list for the course allows students to:

    • Access all recordings in one place.

    • Use the Q & A panel to ask questions regarding the guest speakers video.

    • Take notes along with the video and have them added to the study guide.

    • Benefit from the ASR generated transcription

  • Students can create videos using Universal Capture, which can then be shared to the class list allowing the same benefits as for guest speakers.

  • The instructor may choose to run a Zoom session initiated from Echo360. This allows the live audio video interactions of Zoom, with the recording automatically added to the Echo 360 class list.



What else should I know about Echo360 live streaming?

Live streaming a lecture is similar to making a lecture recording. Both automatically commence at the scheduled class time and stop streaming and/or recording at the end of class. In the classroom, simply use the AV system to project your presentation and use any of the available microphones to amplify your voice. 

As an instructor, keep in mind that you can respond to viewers' comments, questions, and discussion posts in real-time during the live class. For this reason, you may want to have a teaching assistant or other classroom assistant monitor the Question and Answer Tab in Echo360 for questions or comments from students, and either provide written answers immediately in the panel or address them verbally for all students during the live class session. In the latter case, be sure to repeat the question for all students before providing a response.

If you choose to run any online activities such as quizzes and polls along with live streaming in Echo360, please note that there will often be a broadcast delay for students viewing remotely. The delay could mean that you inadvertently close or stop an interactive poll before a remote student has had the chance to complete it, so always add approximately 30 second of extra time before ending a poll to give live stream viewers enough time to submit their answers.


How can I learn more about Echo360?

When at click the question mark icon (?) in the lower right corner of the main page.

Access for all documentation.

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