How can I check my UIC email?


The UIC community currently utilizes two email systems: UIC Gmail and UIC Exchange.

  • UIC students that have activated their UIC NetID prior to July 13th, 2022 are placed on UIC Gmail upon NetID activation.
  • UIC faculty and staff, along with students that activate their UIC NetID on or after July 13th, 2022, are placed on UIC Exchange upon NetID activation.

Accessing Your Email


Duo 2-Factor Authentication is required to access UIC Exchange. Please visit How do I get started with Duo 2FA for more information about Duo.

When logging in to UIC Exchange, please be sure to use your full UIC email address rather than just your UIC NetID. For the password, please enter your UIC NetID password.

To access your UIC Exchange email:

UI Health Email

UI Health employees also utilize UIC Exchange. To access your UI Health email account, please go to and log in using your full UIC email address and your UI Health password.

Please note that UI Health email is not managed by UIC Technology Solutions. For UI Health email support, please contact the IS Helpdesk. 

Phone: (312) 413-7717
Self-Help Portal: (login required)


To access your UIC Gmail email:

  • On any device, you may visit
  • On a mobile device, you may download the official Gmail app and use your full UIC email address and NetID password to log in.


In rare cases, a UIC email account may not be created automatically upon NetID activation. If you do not yet have a UIC email account created, you may log into the UIC Account Portal to create your UIC email account. Please note that, if you are an external affiliate whose mail is currently forwarded from your UIC email address to a personal email address, your UIC email forwarding will be automatically routed to your new UIC email account. This will be irreversible.
If you are having trouble logging into your email account, please ensure that you already have a UIC email account created by going to the UIC Account Portal > Accounts. You should have "Google Workspace" and/or "Microsoft Exchange" listed under "Your accounts." If neither of these options are listed, please scroll to the bottom, select the available email account, and then select "Create account."
If you've forgotten your UIC NetID password, please visit UIC NetID Center. You may refer to this document for further instruction.
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