How do I reserve a computer lab?

Technology Solutions partners with the Office of Classroom Scheduling (OCS) to improve the computer lab reservation process.

Please review the lab reservation and usage policy before submitting a request to reserve a lab.

Note: Reservation requests must be submitted at least 7 days in advance of a single event/class. Requests made with less than this amount of lead time may not be processed in time.

  1. For all lab reservations, you should submit your reservation request to the Office of Classroom Scheduling via email to, including the following request details:
    • Instructor's Name
    • Instructor's Email
    • Name and Email of additional contacts
    • Course CRN (if applicable)
    • Number of students/attendees
    • Date(s) and start/end times of request and recurrence pattern (e.g. weekly on Mondays and Wednesdays)
  2. To follow up on an existing reservation request, you should call the Office of Classroom Scheduling at 312-413-3640.  You can also find information on their website at:
  3. Lab reservations for classes should follow the OCS schedule for space reservation processing. This means that requests for Spring semesters should be submitted in late July/early August, and requests for Summer and Fall semesters should be submitted in January. By these timeframes, departments should already have determined their course offerings for the upcoming semester.
  4. Software installation requests should be submitted to Technology Solutions, as soon as a computer lab space has been assigned. How do I request software to be installed in a classroom, computer lab, or the Virtual Computer Lab?.
  5. Guest login access requests should be submitted to Technology Solutions via our web form.
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