How Do I Access Another Instructor's Blackboard Course Contents?

To access another instructor’s Blackboard course contents, please contact that course’s instructor and request to be manually enrolled as a TA in that Blackboard course. To enroll you as a TA, the other instructor will need to follow the steps detailed below. Please note that only users with Admin access can add users as instructors. If instructor access is desired, a request with the instructor of record CC’d needs to be submitted to (

  1. Click Users & Groups in the lower left corner of their Blackboard course’s Course Management area.
  2. Click Users.
  3. Click Find Users to Enroll.
  4. Enter your NetID in the Username box. Your NetID is what appears before the @ sign in your UIC email address.

  5. Click the Role pull-down list and choose Instructor.
  6. Click Submit.

If you are unable to reach the original instructor, please ask that that instructor’s department chair send an email to giving you permission to access that course’s Blackboard site.

Once you are enrolled as an instructor, you can copy the course’s content into your own course.


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