Who can schedule an automated Echo360 classroom recording or live streaming for my class?

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Classroom capture recordings and live streaming must be scheduled at least a week in advance, and can be either one-time events or repeating semester events. Captures are available within 3-6 hours of a one-hour long lecture. Contact the appropriate department to have your lecture captured, streamed, or both. 

Please note: Not all classrooms have Echo360 devices; consult this article to learn if your classroom has a device

Select the proper group to request a recording or live streaming for your class:

Type of Classroom Contact
Common-Use Classrooms (managed centrally by CATE)  Form: Request Lecture Capture
CADA - School of Design dpmellis@uic.edu
CADA - School of Theatre and Music ingebrit@uic.edu
CADA - School of Art and Art History cmarki1@uic.edu
College of Business Administration cbahelp@uic.edu 
College of Dentistry  nnorman@uic.edu
College of Education ernesto@uic.edu or mpant3@uic.edu
College of Engineering - Biomedical Engineering lzient1@uic.edu
College of Engineering - Chemical Engineering jsagun2@uic.edu
College of Engineering - Civil, Materials, and Environmental Engineering ttaylo20@uic.edu
College of Engineering - Computer Science pbeltr1@uic.edu or llong4@uic.edu
College of Engineering - Mechanical & Industrial Engineering alanjw@uic.edu
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences ronv@uic.edu or tnguy53@uic.edu or rnarum2@uic.edu 
College of Nursing conhelp@uic.edu
College of Medicine mdpchelp@uic.edu
College of Pharmacy Form: Request Lecture Capture; or pharmhelp@uic.edu
College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs jiec@uic.edu 
School of Social Work tmorri3@uic.edu
Tutorium in Intensive English smcclu4@uic.edu

If your college is not listed and you are not teaching in a common-use classroom, please contact your IT department to inquire about this service: https://it.uic.edu/it-community/college-unit-it-departments


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