I'm an Echo360 admin. How do I schedule a classroom capture?

1. Access echo360.org and input your email address. Click Submit. You will then be directed to enter your NetID and common password.

2. Click the person icon in the top right. Ensure that you are using the Administrator view. If Administrator does not display, click Change, then select Administrator.

3. On the top, click on Users. The list of users within Echo360 will display. Ensure that the instructor of the course exists within Echo360. If the user does not exist, then create the user by clicking on Add User in the top-right. Input the Last Name, First Name, and Email Address, then select Instructor as the role. Click Next, then Invite. The user will now exist.

4. On the top, click on Courses. The Course Catalog will display. If your course does not appear within the Course Catalog, then you can create the course by clicking on New Course in the top-right. If creating a new course, input a course code and course name and click Save.


5. Once you have determined that the course exists within Echo360, then you are able to create a new section for the current semester. To do so, click on Courses from the top. Then on the courses page, click on New Section on the top-right. Choose the course, term, name the section (typically a 5 digit CRN number, but the name can be anything), and choose the instructor.


6. You should now be set to schedule the capture for the section. To do this, click on Courses on the top. Then, search for the course (e.g. BIOS 220). The course should appear within the list. Click on the > icon to the left of the course name to expand the course and see all the listed sections. Mouse over the section you are scheduling for, and you should notice icons appearing on the right. Click the left-most icon to View Scheduled Captures.


7. From the View Scheduled Captures page, click on New Capture. Under Capture Settings, fill in Campus, Building, and Room, and Organization/Department. If live recording is desired, also click on the Live button. Under When, input the date and time of capture. If this is a repeated semester-long capture, select "Weekly" under Repeats to be given additional options. When done, click Save.

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