How do I use the AV system?

For Integrated Multimedia Lectern (IML)

  • Technical walk-through of the available technologies in the IML classrooms here: (Video Demonstration)


  1. Wake up the touch control panel by touching the middle of the control panel. The screen may periodically go dark but simply touch the screen to activate. 
    AV system in classroom 
  2. Press the power button on the top-right side of the touch control panel to turn on the system. The projector will turn on along with the rest of the system. 
    Classroom AV power button
  3. The main menu will display after the system turns on. From here you can select the source you would like to use, adjust the system audio levels, and/or adjust the lights by touching the light bulb on the right side of the screen (feature only available in some classrooms.) 
    AV control screen



NOTE: ARC 137, 241, and 242 have a slightly different approach to selecting a source. After selecting your source, press "Full Screen" to show your selected sources as the single projected image as seen below. 
Alt source selection screen


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