How do I add my profile picture in Blackboard?

You can change your profile picture on the My Information page, located directly under the Institution page.

About profiles

At UIC, Blackboard Learn offers a way to enhance inclusivity through profile customization. Both students and instructors can personalize their profiles, including preferred names, audio recordings of names for pronunciation, and pronoun choices. These preferences are then reflected in various areas like group assessments, communication tools, and course rosters, promoting visibility within the educational community.

The profile section also allows users to set preferred language, manage privacy settings, and customize notification preferences. Users can tailor email and mobile app notifications, choosing what information they want to receive and how often.  The list of email notifications includes options for new gradable items, messages, discussion messages, content additions, upcoming due dates, and more.

Students can access their profiles by clicking on their names in the main navigation menu, through the My Information link under Tools, or within the course's Tools area. These features aim to create a more inclusive and supportive educational experience for everyone involved.

Add a profile picture

If allowed, you can upload a profile picture that appears throughout the system and within the greater Blackboard academic network.

Your personal image appears in the page header, people tool, blogs, journals, discussions, wikis, and roster. Your profile picture also appears in the notifications modules, such as What's New. The modules may appear on the My Institution tab or a course's home page.

The image you upload to your profile page overwrites any other profile images you have with your user account.
Images must be less than 5 MB and at least 50 x 50 pixels in dimension. Acceptable file formats include GIF, PNG, and JPEG.

In the list where your name appears, select your name to access your profile. Your profile appears with some information, and you can't delete your profile. Your institution decides what you can customize.

picture of student profile location

Upload a profile picture

You can store one image file in your profile. Others see your picture in messages, discussions, conversations, groups, and course rosters.

Upload profile picture

  1. Point to the generic silhouette or your picture and select the pencil icon to upload, change, or remove an image.
  2. In the panel, select Upload new profile picture to browse for your picture on your computer. Or, you can drag a file to the Upload area.
  3. Your image is saved automatically. Close the panel to return to your profile.

Remove or replace your profile picture: Upload or drag in another image. To return to the generic silhouette, select the Delete this picture icon to delete your existing image file.

Edit your info and preferences

Your profile is the place to edit the information attached to your persona.

  1. Point to a detail such as Full Name and select the pencil icon.
  2. In the panel, make changes and select Done. Choices of preferences include:
    1. Preferred Name
    2. Display of name
    3. Pronunciation
    4. Pronouns

screenshot of Profile page


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