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Use these instructions to connect to UIC's Virtual Computer Lab using your web browser:
These instructions apply to Windows and MacOS and will show you how to connect to UIC's Virtual Computer Lab service:
Install the IOS/Android remote desktop client and connect to a Virtual Desktop
The Technology Solutions has created a list of resources that you can use to learn about Azure.
Azure Storage Explorer is an application which helps you to easily access the Azure storage account through any device on any platform, be it Windows, MacOS, or Linux. You can easily connect to your subscription and manipulate your tables, blobs, queues, and files. In addition to these, you can connect to and manipulate Azure Cosmos DB Storage and Azure Data Lake Storage as well.
This article walks the end user through the process of obtaining permission to have an application hosted in the cloud via an application request form found at:
You can allow your devices to automatically hybrid join through either a new or existing Client Settings policy.
There are additional costs associated with storing HIPAA data in azure; primarily due to additional logging.
To work on your files in the Virtual Computer Lab environment you can copy them from your local machine by using OneDrive or, if using a Windows computer, directly from your local drive by taking the following steps:
How to estimate monthly cost for Azure
The choice of a name for any resource in Microsoft Azure is important because:
This article contains a network diagram detailing how network traffic flows into and out of Azure from on campus.