How are students enrolled in my Blackboard course site?

Students are enrolled into a CRN course site automatically.

Students are automatically enrolled in CRN-based course sites based on the CRNs for their courses. An automated process examines student enrollments starting roughly two weeks before the official start of the term. This process runs daily, though it often takes a day or two for a student’s enrollment to pass through the University’s processing and to be picked up by the Blackboard enrollment processing.

There should be no need to manually enroll students if the CRN for your course (the CRN in the title of your course site, e.g. ENGL 160 Academic Writing I (11462) 2023 Fall and the CRN in the Course ID of your course site all match - and each of your students has registered correctly for the course with that CRN. The Office of the Registrar discourages instructors from enrolling students in course sites for courses in which they are not enrolled.

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