How can I use the enterprise version of Acadly?

Acadly pilot at UIC has extended to the summer terms of 2021.

There are two ways to create a course in the Enterprise version of Acadly:

  • Acadly courses can be created directly from within Blackboard. This creates a linked course which means the student roster and gradebook is "synced" between Acadly and Blackboard - this is the recommended method. A course can be imported from Blackboard to Acadly via this process.
  • Courses can also be created directly inside Acadly. To do so, UIC instructors can just log in and tap the + button at the bottom of the page. Courses created in this way have no link with the corresponding Blackboard course.

If for any reason, an UIC instructor would like to create a course without a link to the Blackboard course, please email requesting Acadly Pro access, instead of Enterprise. Once UIC's Acadly partner adds the instructor in the system, the instructor can create a Pro course (Acadly course with Zoom integration) from within Acadly without needing to log into Blackboard.

The Enterprise version includes Blackboard and Zoom integration and is available to all UIC professors now.
Getting started videos:


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