Is Echo360 POD compatible with UIC classrooms?


Echo360 Pod has been tested with the C920s Pro HD webcam and confirmed the webcam is compatible. 

Since the echo pods only have HDMI connections, adapters will be needed for college/department rooms that are still using analog (VGA) equipment and will need to connect an echo pod as a stop gap solution. For locations already using HDMI connections, no adapters will be needed. 

The following adapters will be needed if a VGA only PC will be used, and the existing projector is also VGA only. 

  • VGA to HDMI Adapter – This adapter will be used to convert the analog (VGA) connection from the PC to the POD’s HDMI Channel in.


  • A standard HDMI cable will be needed to complete the connection (from the adapter to the POD’s HDMI Channel in.


  • HDMI to VGA Adapter – This adapter will be used to convert the POD’s passthrough HDMI out port to VGA to be connected to the projector (if the existing projector is using VGA).


  • A standard USB Type A – Micro-B USB will be needed to power the adapter above.

  • 3.5mm Headset Splitter will be needed to carry/split audio from the VGA source (PC) to the POD and to the room speakers.


  • An extra 3.5mm Stereo Audio Cable will be needed for the above splitter – to connect to the POD. The 3.5mm audio cable to go to the room speakers should already be present in the room if they are using a VGA setup with speakers.

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