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Information on UIC Alumni email forwarding for life, and how to opt in.
The University of Illinois has provided an easy to use tool that uses a email notifications along with a Web site that allows you to securely send files to that anyone with a University of Illinois Enterprise ID and password. That is everyone at any campus of the University, these days -- faculty and staff must have them for Positive Time Reporting and other administrative tasks and students use them for registration. The tool is called PEAR, Protected E-Mail Attachment Repository Application.
Many services that UI Hospital staff use are not managed by Technology Solutions.
Email size limits for UIC Gmail are set by Google and are currently 25 MB, for both incoming and outgoing email. The Technology Solutions has matched the size limit for outbound mail sent by Microsoft Exchange or Technology Solutions servers to match GoogleApps at 25 MB.
You can send email through Blackboard using the "Send Email" tool in Original Course View; or using the "Messages" tool in Ultra Course View.
This article summarizes how to troubleshoot when your students cannot access your Panopto videos. If it appears that the requests are coming from all students, it is likely occurring because the Panopto videos in your current course weren't copied over correctly from the previous course. You can either email or follow the steps described here.
The UIC community currently utilizes two email systems: UIC Gmail and UIC Exchange.
Your UIC email address is not the exact same thing as your NetID.
You can add either a UIC Exchange or UIC Gmail account to Microsoft Outlook
Information on Technology Solutions's grace period policy for UIC NetIDs
Please note that some Internet Service Providers block the ports needed to support IMAP and POP clients. Installing, configuring and connecting to UIC's VPN client may work around this issue:
iOS 12 or later, or iPadOS, is required to sync with UIC Exchange accounts. You can sync email, contacts and your calendar.
How to manually add a Teams meeting link to an event, and how to adjust the Outlook client setting for defaulting it on/off for desktop and mobile.
DLP enables an organization to reduce the risk of unintentional disclosure of sensitive data by identifying, monitoring and protecting confidential data while in use, in motion and at rest.
This article summarizes how to recover a deleted Unity message.