How do I upload video to Blackboard?

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The Panopto Building Block for Blackboard provides faculty and staff an easy method for embedding Panopto recordings directly into their courses. Recordings will continue to stream from Panopto without using any storage space on Blackboard. Course permissions will be honored, and recordings can be added anywhere the Mashup Tool is made available.

Mashup Tool

1.1.  Navigate to the course in Blackboard. 1.5.  From there, navigate to an editor for a content item, discussion, form or announcement and click on the Mashups drop-down.


 Content Information screen highlighting Mashups option in the text options


1.2 Select Panopto Video from the drop down menu.


1.3.  A new page will load that will allow you to select an existing video, upload new content, or record with the Panopto for Windows or Mac client.


1.4.  Choose: To choose an existing recording, browse through your available folders, select your video, and then click Insert Videos. The recording will be published to your Blackboard post.

 example select panopto videos screen highlighting the checkbox for the video to select and the insert videos button in the bottom right


 If you're interested in inserting and grading a quiz in your video, see How to Use a Panopto Quiz as a Blackboard Assessment






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