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The University of Illinois uses a 2-Factor authentication (2FA) service provided by Duo Security, an industry leader in cyber security services. This will help secure your account and the University's sensitive data. The University of Illinois is committed to securing its institutional data and the personal information of everyone at the University.
Step by Step guide on 2FA (2-factor authentication) self-enrollment.
This article summarizes how to connect to UIC-WiFi using different devices.
Following these steps, you will be able to register for 2FA while away from the campus network.
This document provides instructions on the use of UIC’s Virtual Private Network solution.
UIC-WiFi uses enterprise-level security protocols. These instructions should help you to connect your Android device to the campus wireless network.
Below are the instructions for logging into the AnyConnect VPN client.
Connecting to our wireless network through Windows is easy with your UIC NetID and password. Windows 8 requires no external software, it's just a simple login. For Windows XP / Vista / 7, that can be downloaded and used to automatically configure your connection. We also have manual instructions at the bottom for people who would prefer to do that.
Getting Started with 2FA Enrollment.
UIC students, faculty and staff have more than one email service to choose from. Technology Solutions supports UIC Gmail and UIC Exchange.
This document provides instructions on the use of UIC’s Virtual Private Network solution.
This document will instruct you on adding personal devices and phone numbers to Duo.
We recommend you use a smartphone as your primary 2nd factor device. The Duo Mobile app allows you to approve your connections at any time with just a swipe and a click on your smartphone. If you are setting up Duo for the first time, we recommend installing the Duo Mobile app on your mobile device first.
You can add either a UIC Exchange or UIC Gmail account to Microsoft Outlook
Explains how someone can make a conference call
http://my.uic.edu/ is a University of Illinois at Chicago portal for incoming students which serves student administrative needs.
This article explains how to deal with spam in Outlook and Gmail
Use these instructions to connect to UIC's Virtual Computer Lab using your web browser:
These instructions apply to Windows and MacOS and will show you how to connect to UIC's Virtual Computer Lab service:
Connecting to UIC-WiFi using an Apple device is simple!
2-factor authentication (2FA) is an extra layer of security protection for your sensitive, personal university data.
How to use Qualys Cloud Agent's features and a guide to what the Cloud Agent can do.
Students will experience problems when using Respondus Lockdown Browser with multiple monitors.
GoTime is UIC's employee leave management system. This user guide is intented for use by UIC employees and supervisors who are utilizing GoTime.
To open a Box account visit the https://box-signup.uillinois.edu/ University of Illinois Box Signup