Can students use multiple monitors with Respondus Lockdown Browser?

It is not recommended to use more than one monitor when taking tests using Respondus Lockdown Browser.

Students may experience these problems:

  1. My screen is zoomed in and I can't see the test questions.
  • When a student has two displays (or a laptop screen + monitor) and the scaling setting is different this may happen. For example, the laptop is at 125% and the monitor is 100%. If that's the cause then the student can either set both to the same scaling, or unplug the second monitor before starting the exam.
  1. Blank screen during a LockDown Browser Session
  • You have multiple monitors hooked up. This is not supported. Disconnect the additional monitors and open LockDown Browser up in the main monitor.


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Thu 2/11/21 7:07 PM
Wed 3/3/21 12:20 AM