Automatic Closed Captioning for Echo 360 video

Automatic speech recognition can be enabled in Echo 360 videos. This transcript can later be edited to provide a compliant transcript and closed captioning.

Closed captioning and a transcript are required for all instructional video at UIC. ASR, or Automatic Speech Recognition, allows for approximated closed captioning called transcription.  In itself, ASR is not fulfilling ADA requirements. The transcription text can be downloaded, and then edited to complete the process.

To create the transcript, instructors can enable or disable ASR in their own courses by navigating in Echo 360 course to:

1. Settings -> Features
2. Toggle: ASR - Automatically create machine generated transcripts for any captures published to a course.

To create the CC, instructors can follow the steps shown in the video:

1. How to download and edit transcription text:

Visit echo360: Closed Captioning & Video Transcriptions to learn more.


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