Why does Panopto have a ‘Click to sign in’ screen?

If your Panopto video link in Blackboard only shows a black screen saying “Click to sign in and play video” instead of showing Panopto video content, you should only have to click the button once with Panopto authenticating all of your videos on that specific browser. If the screen persists, follow the guide below


Step 1

Open https://uic.hosted.panopto.com/ in your browser and sign in (if you are already signed into Blackboard the process will be quick and automatic). Switch back to Blackboard and re-navigate to the Panopto video. If the same screen appears, continue to Step 2.

Step 2

Choose your browser from the following list and follow the steps provided.

Still having a problem?

If none of the steps from the guide work, please be sure to contact us at UIC Help or via email at LTS@uic.edu with the following information:

  1. A video documenting the lack of access as well as all pertinent settings disabled/enabled
  2. A link of the video you were trying to access
  3. Whether or not private browsing worked
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