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Explains how a UIC student, faculty or staff can review and/or modify their password recovery options.
Android OS (2.3+,3.0+,4.0+) with ActiveSync Support is required to sync with Technology Solutions Exchange accounts. You can sync email, contacts and your calendar.
You can forward calls from your VOIP phone without needing to be on campus.
Explains how someone can bypass the voicemail greeting
This article explains how a person can send incoming calls the their VoIP voicemail
Explains how someone can change their voicemail password on their VoIP phone
This article summarizes how to recover a deleted Unity message.
Steps on how to add a new device to your MY Devices listing.
An email alias is a NetID without associated accounts; therefore, it does not have a login or password associated with it.
External affiliations, by definition, are those whose NetIDs are not created by student admission processes or in relation to departmental hiring procedures, and/or whose status cannot be verified by student and employee data that can be collected from Banner.
Below are instructions on using UIC's analog (non-VoIP) voicemail system.
Explains to the user what to do once appointed as an Emerita/Emeritus.
The UIC Softphone allows you to use a computer to make and answer calls as if you were using your VoIP phone at your desk.
Here you can find a brief description on how to listen, archive and download messages from Asterisk.
This article provides brief instructions on how to remotely access the VoIP Asterisk voicemail system while you are away from your VoIP phone