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The document explains the cost of each available service tier option and the services included in each service tier option
This is a list of free Qualys training sources and links.
All faculty and staff automatically have a Crashplan account created for them 24 hours after their UIC account has been created. To begin using Crashplan, simply install the client on your machine and your files should automatically begin backing up.

NOTE: Crashplan is free to use for all faculty and staff.
The self service portal can be found at
This article details how to troubleshoot problems with CrashPlan.
2-factor authentication (2FA) is an extra layer of security protection for your sensitive, personal university data.
Individuals in a covered component of the University of Illinois Covered Entity may access the HIPAA compliant "UIC PHI" Zoom portal, capable of creating secure meetings for discussing PHI and providing telehealth services.
Key features and requirements of the Technology Solutions West Campus Data Center are listed below.
The University of Illinois uses a 2-Factor authentication (2FA) service provided by Duo Security, an industry leader in cyber security services. This will help secure your account and the University's sensitive data. The University of Illinois is committed to securing its institutional data and the personal information of everyone at the University.
Clients are responsible for adhering to the following Administrative Guidelines while utilizing the Technology Solutions Data Center.
How to access a unit's training page in KnowBe4, view the users in that unit as well as their status and how to download a CSV of the data
Your data deserves protection. The UIC license for Symantec Encryption Desktop provides easy to use and secure encryption to protect sensitive data on your laptop or desktop computers. Laptops are easily lost, and even desktop computers can be stolen. Symantec Encryption Desktop also includes a secure shredder, to really delete files you want to delete. A major motivation for using Symantec Encryption Desktop is to fulfill HIPAA requirements.
Once the client has been installed, you'll be automatically prompted to encrypt your machine. This period is around 24 hours.
This article details common issues associated with encryption.