How do I know which adapter to use for my laptop?

Guide on different types of display outputs and adapters

Our classrooms use two types of external input cables for laptops (not all systems will have both types.)  

  1. HDMI
    standard male H D M I adapter

  2. VGA 
    V G A cable

A lot of laptops will be able to connect with the provided cable and no adapter. Some laptops won't though. Laptops generally have these four common display output ports on them. 
  1. HDMI 
    H D M I port
  2. VGA 
    V G A port
  3. mini DisplayPort 
    mini display port example
  4. USB-C 
    example U S B C port
  5. Standard USB (adapter needed and not commonly used as a display output unless any of the above are not available or are already being used. Only an issue with Windows based laptops.)
    standard USB port for windows based laptops
The LTS Support office is equipped with multiple adapters for clients to check out depending on their laptop. You can verify what adapter they'll need by looking at their laptop and seeing what they have available. The adapters available are: 
  1. mini DisplayPort to VGA
  2. mini DisplayPort to HDMI
  3. HDMI to VGA
  4. USB-C to HDMI
  5. USB-C to VGA
  6. USB to HDMI* 
*If a Windows laptop does not have any of the top four display outputs or they are unavailable, a standard USB port can be used as a display output with our USB to HDMI adapter. WARNING: the standard USB to HDMI adapter will need to have drivers installed before first use. It'll be a one time install. Instructions for the install and the driver setup file are located on a flash drive in the display adapters drawer. 

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