How do I request to restore an archived Blackboard course?

Instructors can fill out a restoration request form to have an old course restored.

Blackboard courses that are over 3 years old are archived every June. Courses indicated as continuing, as work sites, or newer than 3 years old will be retained and excluded from archiving. Courses are NOT deleted; they are simply removed from Blackboard and saved as files in an alternative place at UIC. Courses are available for restoration upon request.

To request a course to be restored, please fill out this form:
Note: If you course contains video either from Echo360 or Panopto, the links/embed codes will be there after the course has been restored, but the video may not play back as a result of the retention policy of videos. Please be aware that in both platforms, Echo360 and Panopto, videos are kept on the servers for a period of time before being removed. See the the following articles to learn more.


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