How do I add a new employee to the Directory?

Adding a brand new employee, or an employee who was previously a student or employee at any of the University of Illinois campuses, to the Directory

First, you must have the employees UIN and the employee must have completed NESSIE new hire before you will be able to successfully add them to the Directory. You do have the option to search via their SSN but all this query will do is try to find a UIN for the employee in banner.

  1. Enter the UIN in the "Search for" window on the left, make sure that UIN is selected from the "Search/Report type" drop down
  2. Click on "search". If the employee was successfully located in banner, their information will be automatically be populated for you in the right window includeing a NetID if they have one.
  3. Select an affiliation type in the "Add Additional Affiliation Record" section
  4. Enter a title for the employee
  5. Select the correct department from the "Dept" drop down
  6. If the NetID field is blank enter a new NetID.
  7. Click on "Save all changes". It is very important that you add a valid affiliation to the record before you attempt to modify the contact information.
  8. Add phone, office, fax information
  9. Click on "Save all changes"


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