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The purpose of a whiteboard is to visualize thoughts, concepts, and ideas. They are used to explain and teach, or they can be used to plan and create. Online whiteboards improve collaborative and creative processes when teaching online synchronously. See the suggested application to use at the bottom of this article.
This article compares the different features and capabilities when teaching online synchronously using either Blackboard Collaborate or Zoom. Selecting the right tool depends on your course needs and teaching objectives.
This article demonstrates how instructors and students can access Class Climate course evaluation surveys in Blackboard
Accessing a Shared Mailbox with Outlook on the Web
UIC students, faculty and staff have more than one email service to choose from. Technology Solutions supports UIC Gmail and UIC Exchange.
You can access UIC's Exchange Online email service using either the official Microsoft Outlook app, or the native iOS Mail app.
Android OS (2.3+,3.0+,4.0+) with ActiveSync Support is required to sync with Technology Solutions Exchange accounts. You can sync email, contacts and your calendar.
You can request API be enabled in your Qualtrics account by contacting Technology Solutions.
There are two ways to transfer ownership on a Qualtrics survey.
Qualtrics surveys allow collaboration.
Qualtrics surveys can be configured to require participants to authenticate with UIC credentials to complete the survey. This article provides information on how to enable this requirement.
The following classrooms have the ability to capture lectures:
This document provides instructions on the use of UIC’s Virtual Private Network solution.
The classrooms below have lighting controls built into the touch control panel.
Explains the login options for Box.
You can get help from LTS or Blackboard support
This article lists 3rd party applications supported by UIC Bluestem Single Sign-On via SAML technology (Shibboleth).
Information on UIC Alumni email forwarding for life, and how to opt in.
ADNS is a file sharing resource, through which users can store their files on an Technology Solutions file server. This service provides users with highly redundant, highly available, fully backed-up, lifetime storage of personal or departmental files.