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Instructions to request a new GitHub Org or migrate an existing GitHub organization under the University enterprise license.
Cost involved items needed for digital signage.
Office 365 is offered to University of Illinois faculty, staff, and students on the Urbana campus. These are the basics of reaching and using the service.
Microsoft Teams is a chat-based workspace and real-time collaboration tool that combines workplace chat, meetings, file storage, and application integration - a great way to get productive and keep track of your progress. UIC students, faculty and staff can use MS Teams. Below you can find training available:
There are three methods for guests to obtain wireless network: self-created guest access, staff-sponsored guest access and eduroam.
Use the Full Screen mode with landscape and 85% scaling print settings
You can add users to your AWS account by adding user to groups in Azure Active Directory
This site details how student organizations can build a web presence at UIC.
All faculty and staff automatically have a Crashplan account created for them 24 hours after their UIC account has been created. To begin using Crashplan, simply install the client on your machine and your files should automatically begin backing up.

NOTE: Crashplan is free to use for all faculty and staff.
Mobile devices can be ordered through Technology Solutions with departmental authorization.
Create a shared channel if you want to work with people inside and outside your team or organization.
This article is for Phonebook Contacts (PB) who need instructions on how to create/renew external affiliations.
The different monthly cost options based on CPU and memory configurations are listed below.
The document explains the cost of each available service tier option and the services included in each service tier option
Step-by-step instructions for signing in to using a University of Illinois Enterprise ID after ordering the Adobe Creative Cloud for University Staff Enterprise Access offer from WebStore.
Instructions on how to contact the department's Phonebook Contact (PB) to create/renew an external affiliation.
Steps on how to add a new device to your MY Devices listing.
How to find the MAC address of your Device
As part of the Red Modernization project, all UIC Red websites were migrated to a cloud-hosted web infrastructure over the 9/3/22 - 9/5/22 weekend. This migration brought a change in the authentication method for password-protected pages on Red websites which requires a one-time adjustment to re-enable authentication for protected pages.
Explains how a user can add someone to their site.
Explains what Red Multisites are and how to request them
Explains how someone can launch their Red site.
Explains how a user can create a Red test site.
How to prevent Outlook from automatically adding Teams meetings