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In person support
Many services that UI Hospital staff use are not managed by Technology Solutions.
The UIC Directory is an online directory of current UIC students, faculty and staff. The Directory also includes a complete listing of campus units and unit rosters.
This article explains how to receive and use a 2FA temporary code when you are not able to access your enrolled 2FA device.
Explains how a UIC student, faculty or staff can review and/or modify their password recovery options.
Passwords can be recovered using self-service options or in a C-stop location in campus.
This article summarizes how to set up a convenient and secure access to Technology Solutions managed servers.
This article details the steps needed before installing a client-specific network backup client. is a University of Illinois at Chicago portal for incoming students which serves student administrative needs.
Clear Outlook Cached Credentials in Windows Credential Manager
An email alias is a NetID without associated accounts; therefore, it does not have a login or password associated with it.
This article details why users may have issues with logging into UIC applications, specifically the error "Error calling Bluestem.VerifyAuth: Code execution error: Method Bluestem.VerifyAuth returned error: Invalid credentialkey."
Explains ways a person can update or recover their password
To add a password, or edit other settings, in a Zoom meeting, follow these steps. The video and the images illustrate the same steps.