How do I get an external tool integrated in Blackboard?

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To request an external tool to be integrated via LTI in Blackboard, please submit a request via email at and provide any information required to perform testing (e.g. credentials, documentation, etc provided by the vendor).

Our support team will escalate the request to our Learning Systems Administrator to start the process. Someone will reach out to you to prepare for testing as needed.

Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) is an initiative managed by the IMS Global Learning Consortium to seamlessly integrate externally hosted web-based learning tools into courses. LTI integrations in Blackboard can make your course more engaging through tools and links to digital content, but testing is required. Because this is considered a change request and all changes to current Technology Solutions services, including Blackboard, need to go through testing and approval before the change can be implemented, this process may take up to two weeks. If you need the integration to be performed in an emergency, please let us know and we will expedite the process.


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