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Are there limits on how much data I may collect using Qualtrics?

UIC has an unlimited license with Qualtrics.

Can I require UIC NetID login within a Qualtrics survey?

Qualtrics surveys can be configured to require participants to authenticate with UIC credentials to complete the survey. This article provides information on how to enable this requirement.

How can I change the theme or ‘look & feel’ of my Qualtrics survey?

Each theme contains default colors, fonts, and styling for your survey. In the Look & feel menu, you'll find the Survey Theme Library, which contains all your available survey themes. Qualtrics has both UIC- and Qualtrics-designed templates available.

How can I create a group of collaborators in Qualtrics?

UIC Qualtrics is accessed via UIC NetIDs which can only be assigned to individuals. Due to this restriction, please note that a single group account cannot be created for multiple individuals to share in Qualtrics.

How can I find my missing Qualtrics surveys?

On occasion, those with accounts at might not be able to find a particular survey that should be available to them in their account.

How can I increase the maximum number of surveys allowed in my Qualtrics queue?

There is a default maximum of 55 active surveys in a single UIC Qualtrics user's queue.

How can I log into Qualtrics Support Center?

Qualtrics now requires all users to sign in through the Support Center to reach out to them.

How can I set restrictions on who can respond to my Qualtrics survey?

There are multiple methods of distributing Qualtrics surveys. One of the most popular methods is using an which allows you to send a single link for all potential respondents. The downside of this type of link is that it will allow with the link to access and submit a response to your survey - this means that the survey link could be forwarded to others outside of your intended

How can I use inaccessible question types (e.g., matrix) in Qualtrics?

In order to use a non-accessible type question in Qualtrics, you need to request an exception to the defaulted Qualtrics accessibility limit. In the event that a user both absolutely requires the use of a non-accessible question type and can assure that his/her survey will not be distributed to the public, override requests may be made with the Technology Solutions Service Desk.

How do I access the Qualtrics API?

You can request API be enabled in your Qualtrics account by contacting Technology Solutions.

How do I access UIC Qualtrics?

UIC students, faculty and staff can use their UIC NetID and password to create an account and login into the UIC Qualtrics portal.

How do I contact Technology Solutions or Qualtrics Support to request help with Qualtrics?

Help for Qualtrics is provided by both Technology Solutions and Qualtrics Support (the vendor support team), with both groups being responsible for different aspects of support.

How do I obtain access to a paid feature within Qualtrics?

Qualtrics has a number of paid add-on features such as the Qualtrics Offline App "

How do I transfer ownership of a Qualtrics survey to someone else?

There are two ways to transfer ownership on a Qualtrics survey.

How do I upload a spreadsheet of contacts into Qualtrics?

You may have a list of potential survey respondents in a spreadsheet (.csv). It is possible to upload a spreadsheet of contacts (build a "panel") in Qualtrics.

How do I use Qualtrics or find instructional documentation and training?

Qualtrics Basecamp training portal provides information and resources on how to use Qualtrics.

How do I use the incentives feature in Qualtrics?

Qualtrics has an integration enabled called Tango Card / Rewards Genius. This integration will allow you to easily configure any Qualtrics survey to automatically send a reward link (gift card) to respondents upon survey completion.

Is Qualtrics accessible?

Not all of the types of questions available in Qualtrics are accessible. As a state-funded university, we must turn off non-accessible question types in compliance with the Illinois Information Technology Accessibility Act.

What are the different cost options for the Secure Computing Environment?

The different monthly cost options based on CPU and memory configurations are listed below.

What happens to my Qualtrics data after I leave UIC?

Access to UIC Qualtrics accounts are tied to the validation of one's UIC netID. As long as your UIC netID remains valid, you will have access to your UIC Qualtrics account; however, when your NetID expires, your data will remain on the Qualtrics server but you will no longer be able to access it.

What is a Secure Computing Environment?

ePHI (electronic personal health information) and other types of high-risk data requires the need for the Secure Computing Environment (SCE).

Why won't my Qualtrics survey publish/activate?

While Qualtrics allows you to create and program non-accessible survey questions, in compliance with the Illinois Information Technology Accessibility Act, the publishing of these survey types is automatically barred on most UIC user accounts which results in the "Activate Survey Failed" error message.