How do I share Qualtrics surveys with other collaborators?

Qualtrics surveys allow collaboration.

1. Click on the Survey you would like to share with other collaborators.
2. Click on Tools > Collaborate.
example qualtics screen highlighting tools option in the survey menu with a drop down showing the collaborate option
3. When adding other UIC faculty, staff, or students as collaborators, please make sure that you DO NOT press the enter right away in the text field after typing the email address. Instead, click on the names as they appear in the Qualtrics address book. 
Collaborate screen showing field to add user
4. Click on Save, after you have selected all of the collaborators you would like to share this Qualtrics survey with and have chosen their permissions. 
**Remember clicking on the name when it appears in the Qualtrics address book is important. In order for the name to even appear, the other party needs to have properly created their UIC Qualtrics account through 
Please refer to the resources below for more help.


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