How do I transfer ownership of a Qualtrics survey to someone else?

It is easy to share surveys with others so that they can edit and distribute. However, if you need to transfer ownership entirely, i.e you are leaving the university or handing off a project, you may request the ownership be transferred.

Users do not have the ability to transfer ownership on their own, but there are two methods available to transfer ownership:

  1. Request a transfer through the UIC IT Help Desk.
  2. Contact Qualtrics Customer Support to request a transfer.
Please make sure to include the following information in your request:
  • If you are the current owner of a survey to be transferred*:
    •  the name of the survey(s) to be transferred
    • the name(s) of the new owner(s) of each survey
  • If you are not the current owner of a survey and would like ownership transferred to you*:
    • the name of the survey(s) to be transferred to you
    • cc the survey's current owner, if you have their contact information, so they may respond with their approval
*Please note that the new survey owner must have an existing account in the UIC Qualtrics before ownership can be transferred. For help regarding creating an account, please refer to: How do I access UIC Qualtrics?
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