Can I require UIC NetID login within a Qualtrics survey?

When you create a survey, you’ll see inside the editing page (Open project > “Survey”) that there is an icon titled “Survey Flow”

  1. Click Survey Flow > Add a New Element Here > Authenticator
  2. Change Authentication Type to SSO

  3. Deselect “Associate Respondent With Panel”

  4. Deselect “Capture respondent identifying info" BUT be sure to change _SSO Type_ to “Shibboleth” 

  5. Click and hold “Move” and then drag the entire Authenticator block to the top of the flow, making it the first block in the survey and before “Show Block: Default Question Block” .. both blocks should be at the same level in the hierarchy, rather than parent/child of the other.

  6. Click Apply at the bottom right of the page

Further information is available for reference in the Qualtrics documentation on the Authenticator.

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