How can I change the theme or ‘look & feel’ of my Qualtrics survey?

Each theme contains default colors, fonts, and styling for your survey. In the Look & feel menu, you'll find the Survey Theme Library, which contains all your available survey themes. Qualtrics has both UIC- and Qualtrics-designed templates available.

Visit Qualtrics Survey Theming for step-by-step instructions with snapshots that you can use to change the look & feel of your survey.

If you’d like a minimalist look without university branding, we suggest is changing the theme to Presets > "Blank".

This Qualtrics theme is very similar to "UIC (white)" and is editable. You can click on "Layout" (in the submenu below "Theme" when in Look & Feel) and to further customize this theme. You may also add your own logo using HTML in the “header” field.

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