How can I find my missing Qualtrics surveys?

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On occasion, those with accounts at might not be able to find a particular survey that should be available to them in their account. If this happens, please make sure that the survey does not actually belong to a trial account (on or to another Qualtrics account belonging to a colleague. 

If you cannot find a survey in, please attempt to log into using your UIC email address as it’s very common for users to accidentally create a commercial trial account using their UIC email address.

If you still cannot locate the survey, please contact Qualtrics Support. If they do find it on an account that is outside of, they'd be able to help you both find the account AND migrate its survey(s) over to your UIC Qualtrics account which is fully-licensed and has more features than the trial/sharing accounts. 

You can contact Qualtrics Support by calling (800) 340-9194 (recommended) or logging into this support site to create a case: When prompted on this page, your organization ID is 'uic'.

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