How do I connect to UIC-WiFi using Android?

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UIC-WiFi uses enterprise-level security protocols. These instructions should help you to connect your Android device to the campus wireless network. Note: You need to be on campus to do this, near a UIC-WiFi access point. If you have trouble connecting to UIC-WiFi, please visit our Technical Helpdesk or contact Report an IT Problem.

Watch a video on how to connect to UIC-WiFi with Android:

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Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. While you are on campus, near a UIC-WiFi access point, go to your device settings and then to the section about Network & Internet.  Note that your device may have slightly different menus or wording since there are many different Android phone manufacturers.

    where to find network and internet option
  2. Turn wireless on if it is currently turned off.

    where to find wi-fi status
  3. Select the network: UIC-WiFi

    find U I C wifi and on off toggle
  4. Use the following settings:
    • For EAP method select PEAP.
    • For Phase 2 authentication select MSCHAP.
    • For CA Certificate select Use System Certificates
    • For Online Certificate Status select Request Status
    • For Domain, use
    • For Identity use your UIC NetID
    • For Anonymous identity use Anonymous
    • For Wireless Password use your UIC NetID Password

      screen with connect button
  5. Tap Connect.
  6. You should now be connected to UIC-WiFi.
  7. confirm wifi is connected

For more answers about getting connected, please contact Technology Solutions or visit the BSB C-Stop.

Please note these instructions are written specifically to connect to UIC-WiFi. Some Android devices or versions may appear slightly different from the screenshots shown.


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