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Are there instructions on how to use Intune?

Intune is constantly being updated with new features and patches, so the best resource for any Intune information is Microsoft's official documentation.

Are there instructions on how to use SCCM?

This article provides instructions on the use of SCCM

Do I receive funds for printing each semester?

Technology Solutions provides a $15 quota for printing each semester, usable at any of the Wepa or U-Print print stations.

How can Device Management help me / my unit?

Endpoint management allows your departmental IT staff to centrally manage and distribute operating system updates and software/application updates. It also provides a single administrative console for managing device security policies, asset inventory, and compliance reporting for supported devices.

How can I access Adobe Creative Cloud as a student?

While the on-campus computer labs are unavailable, UIC students who need to use Adobe Creative Cloud applications for their studies are able to request one-year access to an Adobe Creative Cloud Enterprise ID.

How can I contact the U of I Webstore?

There are several ways to contact the UofI WebStore:

How can I download Microsoft Office for my personal computer?

To obtain Microsoft Office for your personal computer, follow these steps:

How can I log in to a Wepa print station with just my phone?

If your phone supports NFC (used for technologies like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more), you can login to Wepa print stations with just your phone!

How can I pay for printing?

The university provides a print quota. Once this is depleted, there are several options available to pay for additional printing.

How can I print to Wepa from my own device?

To print to Wepa from your personal device, follow these instructions:

How can I print with Wepa without touching the print station?

Wepa Express allows touch-free document release and is available in the Wepa Mobile App.

How can I setup an Apple Developer Account using UIC Managed Apple ID?

How to setup an Apple Developer Account using UIC Managed Apple ID.

How do I access the Intune Management Portal?

Ability to access the Intune Management Portal depends on whether your department has been provisioned yet.

How do I clear browser cache and cookies?

This document explains where to find instructions on how to clear cache and cookies in your web browser.

How do I configure Active Directory to store BitLocker recovery information?

You can configure BitLocker Drive Encryption to back up recovery information for BitLocker-protected drives and the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) to Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS).

How do I enroll a device in Jamf?

New Apple devices ordered from partners such as CDW and Follett Higher Education Group should be automatically enrolled into Apple School Manager. For other devices, you can manually enroll them from the command line or follow the instructions you should receive in an email.

How do I extract the Hardware ID from a Windows 10+ machine for Intune Windows Autopilot?

Extracting and uploaded hardware information from Windows 10 device is one of the key requirements for the Windows Autopilot Self Deployment scenario and can be easily accomplished using a powershell script.

How do I install Office 365 using Device Based Activation?

Microsoft has recently changed how Windows devices need to license Office 365 installations on a per-device basis, now called Device-Based Activation. These are the instructions to deploy Office to allow for licensing via device based activation.

How do I join a device to Azure Active Directory using MECM?

You can allow your devices to automatically hybrid join through either a new or existing Client Settings policy.

How do I obtain access to the Apple eCommerce site for a UIC-managed Apple ID?

To obtain access to the eCommerce site using your UIC-managed Apple ID (i.e.,, you must go through a few steps.

How do I print with Wepa?

Wepa offers multiple options for printing:

How do I request a refund for a Wepa print?

Print jobs are not charged until they have successful printed, meaning the need for a refund is significantly reduced. If you do experience poor print quality or some other need for a refund, Wepa processes your refund request directly.

How do I sign in to a UIC Adobe account as a staff member?

Step-by-step instructions for signing in to using a University of Illinois Enterprise ID after ordering the Adobe Creative Cloud for University Staff Enterprise Access offer from WebStore.

How To Remove a Computer from an iCloud Account through the Internet

How to remove a computer from an iCloud account from

Purchasing and Assigning Licenses for Applications – ASM/Jamf

Step by step process to purchase apps through ASM and assign in Jamf

What are common issues with Intune?

These are some common issues you may run into while using Intune.

What are the costs for printing?

The costs to print using Wepa at UIC are standard across the university.

What can I do if I am having trouble with the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop App?

Common problems with the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop App and solutions.

What do I do if my recharge locker won’t open?

If you are not able to open your locker with your 4-digit combination, please call 312-413-0003 Option 1 for assistance.

What macOS applications are available to install with Jamf Pro?

This article lists macOS applications available in the Jamf Pro service.

Where are recharging stations located?

There are three recharging stations available across east campus.

Where can I find additional resources for Endpoint Management?

This article provides recommended training and documentation for the three endpoint management service offerings.

Where can I find an accessible Wepa print station?

All Wepa stations are within ADA guidelines for height and reach, with all interface elements being below 48".

Where can I print using Wepa?

Wepa print stations are located all across campus!

Where can I receive technical support on campus for my personal devices?

Technology Solutions' Technical Helpdesk provides hands-on and virtual technical support for student, faculty and staff personal laptops and mobile devices, assisting with connections to UIC-WiFi, virus/malware removal and protection, and installation of campus-licensed software.

Why can't I log in to my managed computer after changing my UIC Password?

If you change your password when off campus you'll need to connect to the VPN then lock your account(Windows key+L) and log back in before you can log into your machine using your new password.