How can I print with Wepa without touching the print station?

Wepa Express allows touch-free document release and is available in the Wepa Mobile App.

Once you have sent the files you wish to print from any device (web, laptop, mobile app), open the Wepa mobile app:

  1. Tap the rocket to select which files to release. Files that you add in the mobile app will be enabled when they are added.
    web app initial screenwhere to find the rocket icon
  2. Then, tap the print station in the lower right to log in to a print station, or give a code to someone else.
  3. wepa express log in screenHello Wepa screen
  4. Log In

    The Wepa Mobile App will tell you the best way to log in to the print station, using NFC. All UIC print stations are NFC equipped. Refer to How can I log in to a Wepa print station with just my phone?

    Your documents will print immediately after you log in to the print station.


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