Where can I find an accessible Wepa print station?

All Wepa stations are within ADA guidelines for height and reach, with all interface elements being below 48".

However, those in wheelchairs, or with other disabilities, may find it difficult to interact with the touch screen interface due to its angle or sensitivity. To address this, some Wepa stations have standalone 'release stations' that have full keyboards and mice and are running accessibility software for zooming and screen reading. These release stations are connected to a particular nearby print station, and allow you to log in to your Wepa account and directly release print jobs to that nearby print station.

Currently, there are two such release stations installed:
  • One in the Richard J. Daley Library's IDEA Commons

  • One in the Library of the Health Sciences 1st Floor
We continue to evaluate where additional accessible release stations can be made available.


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Fri 1/15/21 6:03 PM
Mon 9/20/21 1:14 PM