What are common issues with Intune?

These are some common issues you may run into while using Intune.

Permission Denied

Error Message: 

Save application failed

An error occurred saving application <APPLICATION NAME>. TypeError: t is null


Why Does it Occur:

This can happen when you are attempting to assign an application to one of your groups.



Make sure the group you are trying to assign the application to is a member of your "Intune-DEPT-All Groups" group.


Device Enrollment Error

Error Message: 

User Not Found or Licensed*

Details: The user was not found in Intune or does not have a valid license.
*Found by clicking on the Device Enrollment Resource Alert on the home page, then clicking Refresh.


Why Does it Occur:

This will happen when a user that is not licensed for Intune tries to enroll their device, or the device tries to enroll by that user automatically.



Please fill out this form and select "Add Licenses (Intune)"



Dynamic Groups


Unable to select Dynamic membership when creating a new group.

Unable to convert to Dynamic membership from an Assigned membership group.


Why Does it Occur:

Unfortunately, dynamic groups must be requested at this time.



Please fill out this form and select "New Dynamic Group (Intune)".


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